Fantasy themed cafe in Anaheim opens a crossover event based on the game ‘Undertale’

One of the many cutouts of characters from the “Undertale” event, this one being Toriel. Katherine Johnson | Lariat

Open until Oct. 10, this event calls all RPG fans to come and enjoy their offers.

The Requiem cafe celebrated the seventh anniversary of “Undertale” by opening a grand event with food, drinks and merch themed after the video game. “Undertale” is about the adventures of a human child through a monster-filled Underground where players must make the vital choice to either spare or kill these monsters.

The game created by Toby Fox still has an online presence due to the cult following who stuck around for the spinoff game made three years later, “Deltarune,” which uses some of the same characters from the first game, but in an alternate universe.

The cafe collaboration was made possible by the owner of Requiem, Kris Irons, who got in contact with Fox. He and his team have prepped for this event since July. 

“So Toby Fox is pretty notoriously hard to find,” said Irons. “Kudos to him for staying so far out of the public sphere. And before doing this, Toby Fox saw a lot of the stuff and has a pretty strict ‘okay, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna have 100% control over it, but since I’m not gonna be 100% control of this, it’s all gonna be Requiem and Fangamer.’”

Fangamer, the site for official Undertale merchandise, has kept the additional shop within Requiem stocked with all their supplies. Nearly all of the plushies had sold out within the first 4 hours.

Fandom Baker Amy Dienhart hoped for the success of her baked goods which had sold out at 7 pm. She has been working with Requiem since their previous event and took inspiration from the game’s food items. One of her favorites that she had made was the cinnamon butterscotch pie based on the character Toriel’s dish which had been the first to sell out.

Dienhart also contacted Fox. “People came and sampled my stuff. They were like, this is great. Let’s go for it. They saw how well our previous Persona event had gone, so here we are.”

The drink menu options were all a collaboration of the staff with one of the favorites being Toriel’s taro milk tea, or as the shortened version had become the “Toriel milk” leaving many implications about the goat mom character.

A line wrapped all the way around the corner block as people waited to get inside. Cosplayers and other customers had kept each other entertained by drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. Pictures were drawn of “Undertale” characters on the ground with chalk provided by attendee Maya Cepeda-Rizo who cosplayed as Suzy from the spin-off game, “Deltarune.”

“I’ve always wanted to participate in a community-related thing like this, and Undertale has kinda shaped my life for the better, so it feels nice being with all these people who are almost just like me,” Cepeda-Rizo shared while passing out more chalk. “You don’t get that very often.”

Sans the skeleton, one of the characters from the game, was recently nominated as the number one sexy man on tumblr, defeating Reigen from “Mob Psycho”.

“How many of you will be drinking to San’s Victory?” Requiem posted on Instagram stories along with an image of their Sans soda. A lot of people came to the event dressed up as the skeleton.

“Apparently there was a cafe in Japan that did a Mob Psycho crossover and their Reigen drink was a soda that was blue like ours. I was like wow, there’s a lot of serendipitous stuff happening right now,” said Irons.

One Sans cosplayer, Roger Cameron, caught the attention of the people in line with his 3D printed mask. He drove around the block and posed with others in line for pictures. Upon being asked about the tumblr meme Cameron said, “I have a bone to pick with that Reigen guy and I won.”

The interior decorations of the cafe displayed cutouts of the characters from the game, alongside a special photoshoot based on the in-game town of Snowdin. Over the speakers, they played the “Undertale” soundtrack with gameplay on one of the television screens.

The event will last until Oct. 10 and the staff are busy trying to keep the merch and food items in stock. They are maintaining updates on their Instagram stories so make sure to keep a lookout to get a chance to try some treats from the underground.