Exploring Orange County through the eyes of locals

Disneyland at pixabay.com

To capture the essence of Orange County’s entertainment scene, locals were asked about their favorite places to go for fun in Orange County.

Jasmine Madrid

“The Irvine Spectrum Center is forever going to be my favorite place for fun. The amount of shopping I do when I am there makes it super fun, even though I think that would make me a shopaholic.”

Jenna Parra

“I absolutely love hiking in the hills of Crystal Cove State Park. The view from up there is seriously breathtaking. I love being able to have such a beautiful ocean view while I hike. It’s a rejuvenating escape.”

Mike Morrows

“I’m a big fan of going to the Orange County Fair every summer with my girlfriend. I know it can be pricey but in my eyes it is so worth it.”

Sarah Turner

 “Newport Beach is my go-to spot. The options for activities like volleyball and paddleboarding make it a perfect place to spend the day having fun with my friends and family.”

Emily Adams

“Attending performances at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts is a highlight for me. From Broadway shows to ballet and concerts, there’s always something super fun happening there.”

John Huber

“I am a beach guy at heart so I always honestly find myself at the beach. As long as there are waves you will see me out there riding them. It is honestly so fun and for anyone scared of surfing, don’t knock it till ya try it.”

Lily Harris

“South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa is my ultimate shopping destination. The high-end stores make it a great time. It’s really nice to have a mall for only luxury, I always end up spending hours there obsessing over all of the nice purses.”

Josh Salazar

“Oh my gosh is that even a question? Disneyland all the way. I go like 5 times a month. It is the best place to go in Orange County.”

Kristina Griffin

“I really enjoy going to Saddleback Lanes in Mission Viejo. Bowling is like my favorite thing ever and this place has the perfect vibe for it. I go almost every weekend with my friend group.”

Ashley Pearce

“The Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach is a really nice experience. There are so many talented local artists. It’s a great place to find unique and beautiful pieces while having some fun.”

Adrian Keenan

“I’d say going to Knotts Berry Farm, it’s a really fun theme park.”

Mia Mccarty

“Disneyland is such a fun place to go. I always stay there from opening till closing. Plus, you get a great workout from walking all over the place so not only is it fun but you’re getting in some great exercise.”

Jake Jackson

“I like going to Balboa Island. You can take the ferry from Newport Beach to get there. I mostly find it fun for little date nights especially. Taking the ferry and going to a restaurant there is just perfect. 

Maria Dominguez

“The Mission in San Juan Capistrano is a cool place to visit. You get to learn all about the history there.”

Riley Wagner

“Huntington dog beach is so fun. I have four dogs so I spend a lot of time at that beach. They are family and deserve to go on a beach for some fun just as much as we do”.

Monica Hill

“I like going to the Irvine Spectrum Center to go shopping. They also have a really nice movie theater there for watching movies after a long day of shopping.”

Tanner Hull

Salt Creek Beach is a vibe. I go there a lot but even sometimes I’ll go just to sit on the grass hill to watch the sunset. A lot of people go there and it’ll get pretty packed around sunset. Sometimes there are concerts too on the grassy hill which is pretty fun.”

Ryan Sanders

“Dana Point Harbor is a really cool spot. My favorite time of year to go there is when it’s winter. The lights and decorations are insane. It really gets me in the holiday spirit.”

Claire Johnson

“Personally I enjoy going to Wild Rivers in Irvine. The rides are thrilling and the staff running the rides are very nice. Going there during summer is a perfect way to cool off for those scorching hot days.”

Loren Root

“I like going to Legacy Nightclub. Me and my girls try to find something fun for us all to do and what’s better than dancing to some great music at a fun nightclub.”

Bella Hunner

“I enjoy going to Knott’s Berry Farm, it’s super fun.”

Ellie Mundy

“Universal Studios is one of my favorite places. A lot of rides are 3D but there are some rollercoaster ones too. My favorite ride is the 3D Harry Potter one.”

Seth Wright

“Going to the beach for a bonfire with friends is my favorite thing to do by far.”

Leah Brown

“I like going to Dave & Busters. It’s really fun playing all the games.”

Piper Brough

“Disneyland is my favorite place. The rides are so fun. My favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Sabrina Lou

“Spending time with my friends tanning at the beach is what I typically do for fun, it’s relaxing.”


Well there you have it folks. There’s the inside scoop on what some locals say are their favorite places to go in Orange County.