Don’t fear the reaper

Alyssa Hunter

With Halloween approaching, people of all ages are deciding what they want to be. Many people have decided on a costume that makes them look like the either came back from the dead, are dying, or are the Grim Reaper.

“This Halloween I have made a bold decision. I have decided that I will be going on strike from Oct. 27 through Nov. 1,” the Reaper, 42, biology said.

The Reaper doesn’t want to spend his whole day making sure that all of the people are actually dying. It is supposed to be a fun holiday, but for him it is just another day of work.

The Reaper also decided that he wanted to be the only one people fear. He believes that if other people are dressing up like him, then he can’t be taken seriously.

“People dress up like me all the time. Be flattered. The Grim Reaper is just being lazy,” said Santa Claus, 87, communications.

The Reaper has never taken a day off before. Chaos will most certainly haunt the streets of Mission Viejo.

“I’m dressing up as Batman. I only picked Batman after I heard that Grim was taking the day off to trick or treat or something. Now I can actually use the cape to fly and not be afraid of dying! This will be the best Halloween ever!” said Jack Moe, 20, women’s studies.

The Reaper will be spending his days off in Rome, Italy. Be sure to let the crazy out of the bag while the Reaper is lounging.