Diversity Student Council looks into starting “Power of Words” campaign

Kylie Corbett

Saddleback College’s Diversity Student Council is currently looking into ideas for future events and campaigns. The promotion of awareness of social equality issues surrounding LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people has greatly influenced DSC’s interest in starting a Power of Words campaign.

DSC will soon be purchasing a banner and flag due to the increasing numbers of suicides as the result of peer bullying. The banner and flag will encompass the idea of equality. This campaign will emphasize the use of better words and the importance of accepting one another.

“The flag will be navy blue with a [yellow] equal sign on it,” said Courtney Fries, 18, nursing, a member of the council. “The banner is actually divided into separate sections and in the sections there are various words in each section.”

The banner and flag will be located inside the Associated Student Government room, advocating a judgment-free environment for all students, no matter their background or who they are as a person.

“By having a visual aid such as an equality flag is a good start to showing that we are a fully accepting group,” said Jonathan Gossett, 19, business. “By hanging the flag, it will provide a clear sign of acceptance and we hope it will work toward making all types of students feel more comfortable.”

Through this campaign, DSC hopes to spread the word by reaching out to other groups on campus to spread the word about this campaign and the importance of it by understanding what it stands for.

“DSC will be working hard within itself and possibly with clubs that use the room on a weekly basis to renovate the atmosphere and environment of the room, to make it even better,” said DSC’s Ambassador, Sara Ghanbariami, 19, political science. “New room rules and codes of conduct will be written in the coming weeks and will be discussed within DSC, the Leadership Council, as well as possibly in the all-ASG meeting.”

DSC will assemble this campaign in the upcoming weeks. Its members encourage people to get involved by actively participating.

The council meets weekly on Tuesdays from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Student Services Center (SSC), Room 212. Further information is available on their website at www.saddleback.edu/asg/diversitystudentcouncil.html.