‘Deadpool’ rocks Crocs in box office hit

(Courtesy of Fox)

Deadpan has become the highest grossing R-rated release in history, hovering somewhere around $500 million in worldwide sales in its first two weeks. (Fox Studios)

The last few years have seen an increasing number of super hero films released, most having similar plots, with the hope of capitalizing on their immense popularity. Going against the grain, Director Tim Miller stays true to the comic books and delivers the best “Deadpool” we could have asked for, while still killing numbers at the box office. “Deadpool” has the best opening weekend of any movie in 2016 so far.

“Deadpool” is the sarcastic, twisted version of every super hero movie with outstanding morals. The movie stars Ryan Reynolds as the anti-hero Wade Wilson, an ex special forces mercenary, that gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. In a last effort to find a cure, Wilson submits himself to a shady experiment that leaves him as the disfigured mutant “Deadpool.”

One of the reasons fantasy movies have gained so much recent popularity is the advancements in technology. Special effects, computer graphics and animation provide Miller with the tools to seamlessly transition between the live action acting and over-the-top CGI fight scenes to give movie goers the ultimate viewing experience.

Reynolds set the bar high with his acting performance and the rest of the crew followed. T.J. Miller, the star of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” provides further comedic relief as Wilson’s best friend Weasel. While Deadpool definitely dominates most of the screen and dialogue, the other actors make a significant impact on the film.

With a rating of R, “Deadpool” was able to take every scene to the craziest level they wanted to. Fight scenes were intense and oddly satisfying as you finally got to see what someone would look like after an angry “super hero” was done with them.

Going into the movie, you expect extreme and ridiculous humor and are rewarded with exactly that. The jokes are even more messed up than you can imagine and half of the time you are left wondering if the laughter is because they were actually funny or just because you are so uncomfortable from what you just heard.

The best of all of the jokes had to be Deadpool’s awareness of exactly what you are thinking during the film. Every moment that you catch yourself having an inner dialogue about the movie, Wilson says your thoughts aloud on the screen. (Except in a more messed up Deadpool sort of way.)

This movie flirts with being perfect in it’s own way. However, some scenes were just too obviously forced and did not need to be. First of all, the cheesy Russian accent that Colossus speaks with almost makes you think its supposed to be satirical.

Secondly, the nudity did not add anything to the movie. When Reynolds and Morena Baccarin, his co-star Vanessa, were getting down the audience got what was going on without having to have full nudity. Just as the short scene in the strip club would have had the same impact if the stripper’s breasts were covered.

Above everything else, “Deadpool” was an amazing movie because the studio, Fox, got it right. The movie stays true to the character that people fell in love with as a fresh alternative to the normal super hero narrative.

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