Curating a sustainable skincare routine with these California local products

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment (top right), YTTP glow oil (left), the nightly mask used in combination and Kiehl’s Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask. Melody Bathaee/Lariat

Swap out environmentally destructive cosmetics for a five-step daily pattern without contributing to wasteful habits

Establishing a productive lineup of reliable skincare products takes trial and error to a whole new degree. But finding out what works personally is not the only thing to think about when picking out staples for everyday use. While more brands begin the transition to cruelty-free operations to construct effective formulas for consumers, they are still far behind in decreasing their impactful part in climate change.

The beauty industry creates personal care products primarily out of plastic and non-recyclable material that takes more than 1,000 years to decompose. Zero Waste reports corporations globally produce over 120 billion units of non-recyclable packaging every year. For a small time of use before tossing that spray or serum, cosmetic companies crown landfills and oceans with over-packaged merchandise.

The importance of working towards a cleaner routine benefits both the face and Earth by indulging in the impacts of natural ingredients keeping toxins out of the mix. Chemicals can cause skin irritation and breakouts while simple, plant-based products make for a gentler absorption. Breakaway from those complex products made out of the same carcinogens giving rise to carbon emissions and opt for these five replacement skincare items to help advance a more positive transition to sustainable living.

Green Tea & Grapes Creme Cleanser

The Grapeseed Company based in Santa Barbara, California carries a wide variety of natural skincare body and apothecary products all packaged in post-consumer waste. Their cleanser adds the light and fresh feeling needed at the start of a self-healing routine.

This fragrance-free formula is rich in antioxidants to balance out the skin without causing irritation on its surface. Effective at completing a deep cleanse and removing makeup residue, this cleanser is most useful at the end of a long, treacherous day. The Grapeseed Company focuses on treading lightly about the planet by investing in locally-sourced ingredients and immersing in vinotherapy.

Atmosphere Protection Cream

As the first company to sign “The Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products” in 2002, an initiative from the Environmental Working Group, OSEA constructs products with impact in mind. Made from recycled glass, the bottle of moisturizer contains bioavailable seaweed pressed with essential oils for a certified organic finish. This organic formula makes for a luxurious silky finish and “provides barrier protection against extreme climates, wind and air pollution,” according to its description.

Mixed with algae avocado and lavender, the Atmosphere Protection Cream reduces redness and is best for sensitive skin. OSEA also works to protect ecosystems by eliminating synthetic ingredients and plastic from their brand in addition to localizing this Malibu family business.

Creamy Eye Treatment

Kiehl’s outcompeted creators of avocado eye masks with the overwhelming support of their lightweight 1851 invention. The company made its environmental mark with a “Skincare Rewards Loyalty Program” 11 years ago emphasizing the up-cycle of all pots and containers created by Kiehl’s.

“Return your empty Kiehl’s bottles to a retail store and get rewarded,” the brand’s website says in describing how to get rewards in return for helping the environment. “Each customer can redeem one reward per month for a 2.5oz travel size product worth $11 in value. Deluxe samples and complimentary products can be recycled but do not warrant a point.”

Helpful in all-day hydration, the eye cream can be used to de-puff in the morning or as a thicker mask at night to aid in digital relief from blue light. Rarely for products, the pastel green mixture is soothing for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil made with the strongest antioxidant in the world: maqui. Melody Bathaee/Lariat

Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil

Specializing in superfood infusions, Youth To The People reaches for a higher standard in sustainable skincare through conscious sourcing in California resulting in an emphasis on skin health. Looking radiant from PRO-GRADE VEGAN™ ingredients in every drop of YTTP’s glow oil can be rewarding inside and out. This nutrient-dense creation allows you to choose your skin and the environment in one.

“When choosing Youth To The People, you are choosing to make an impact on your skin—and less of one on the environment,” their mission statement states.

Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask

Again, YTTP intensifies their commitment to sustainability by innovating this award-winning overnight mask applying thin enough to sleep in no matter what position you are in. Labeled as the Best of Beauty award in 2019, this product won over the public in its effectiveness and determination to produce clean, eco-friendly skincare.

Face + Body Lotion

Raw Elements USA® centers its mission around protecting marine life and oceans from harmful chemicals typically contained in sunscreen worn daily by humans. This particular product is plastic-free and encouraged by the Huntington Beach housed company to be reused if not recycled. The rather simple packaging makes for a more degradable material as even the sticker is paper instead of a glossed thin plastic.

Sunscreen is an essential step to a skincare routine because of the constant exposure to UV radiation absorbed daily later leading to possible skin damage or cancer down the line. Raw Elements USA® uses organic vegan ingredients – aside from beeswax – to meet their initiative of keeping toxin runoff out of reefs.

A contribution to environmental consciousness and efforts reflects progression in the skincare industry as a whole within these five California brands.