Campus Comment: What are your plans for April 1st?

Rubber duckies in a claw machine. Kat Johnson | Lariat

We asked students at Saddleback what their plans were for April Fools’ Day and what pranks they have done in the past​​​. 

Taylor Machnikowski, child development education

“I don’t have any pranks planned yet, but I’ll definitely have to research some. I used to do a bunch on my sister, I gave her a fake card ticket on her windshield one time which was funny because she believed it.”

Catalina Kristie, political science

“Good question. I have a twin brother so we already prank each other every single day, but I’ll have to think about it. I remember one time I put toothpaste inside his shoes, so we’ll see!”

Caillie Garcia, horticulture

“Plants. Just plants. Fill the rooms with potted plants and just see who messes with them.”

Anderson Carroll, mechanical engineering

“I haven’t done much April Fools’ pranks really, but I’m hoping to see the new Mario movie this Saturday. Maybe I’d do a Mario-themed prank.”

Varity Parrish, (major not mentioned)

“I don’t really do pranks. I kinda forget that holiday exists.”

Leeann Skibo, music

“Um, pranks. One time I completely destroyed my friend’s Minecraft house with a Wyvern on April Fools’. It was pretty mean.”

Elijah Parra, music 

“When I was a kid, my sister and I knew that my parents watched tv after they put us to bed. So we took out the batteries of the remote. When they went to go watch tv, they were all confused, and then my sister and I ran out and said ‘April fools!'” 

Brayden Kim, film 

“I’ve never really done April Fools’ pranks before. I can just never really think of anything to do. This year I am probably going to do nothing.” 

Jasmine Barma-Miller, human biology 

“I don’t really like pranks, they’re not very nice. I have been pranked in the past. I’ve also played pranks when I was younger. Toothpaste Oreos. That one is really awful. Also, when I was in high school, we had a teacher who really hated Nick Cage and we put photos of him on everything in the classroom, including the clock, whiteboard, windows, and every single desk.”

Luke Schwartz, undecided

“I’m not really into pranks. That’s not really my thing.”

William Muller, marine biology

“Don’t really have any. It’s kind of smooth sailing for the weekend. April fools! I have to work.”

Erik Thompson, special education

“I heard that the school is probably going to be closed down next week for another spring break. April fools!” 


What wonderful ideas! Tell us in the comment section what pranks you’ve done.