Sinister Pointe takes over Orange County


From 7 pm to midnight, shrieks of terror and delight can be heard throughout the abandoned halls of Macy’s. Sinister Pointe, an independent long time running haunted house, has rented out the abandoned department store to create a three-floor attraction for the Halloween season. Sinister Pointe’s Scary Place has three main attractions located on each floor, with stage performances, scare zones and multiple vendor booths.

Located on the first floor is Phobias, an interactive maze that plays with your greatest nightmares. Here you will have to brave your most terrifying fears in order to escape.

Check into your room at this quaint hotel when you enter Evil on 2. But beware as the entire staff has indulged in supernatural activities and the evil is spreading throughout the entire second floor. A chilling bellhop will escort you into this tormented establishment on the first floor, where you’ll take a hazardous elevator ride up to the heart of the hotel.

And finally, the entire third floor of Scary Place is home to The Boogeyman Express. This mine car themed ride tours around a small Western town named Hemlock, but watch out as the terrifying boogeyman and his minions run wild, targeting innocent bystanders. And trust me, these creatures and possessed townspeople aren’t afraid to greet you on your tour.


Vendor booths could be found on both the first and second levels. Merchandise ranging from caricatures of classic horror characters to clothing and jewelry to sweet, spooky treats are sold.

Many people have braved Sinister Point and could go on and on about how thrilling Scary Place is, but I’m not going to lie and say we don’t have those few rotten eggs that’ll openly complain. But in the long run – it’s up to you, brave souls. Will you take the chance and visit our haunted house?