San Clemente’s 26th annual Hunger Walk

Elizabeth Ortiz

The 26th Annual Hunger walk gathered walkers to help raise money to assist friends in need in the community. The annual walk is two and a half miles long and this year was at the San Clemente Community Center.

“Their focus is on family supporting the hungry and the walk is their biggest fundraiser,” Cheryl France Moran said. “It’s really fun and you get a T-shirt, something you can do with the whole family like the moms with strollers.”

The community center is located in San Clemente. The goal is to serve the underprivileged while treating whole families at a time. Providing help such as food assistance, medical bills, senior assistance, transportation, and rental assistance, also mentioned they average 2959 people a month that are in need.

“I consider them more then people hurting, they are local-neighbors and friends,” DeGennaro said.

In 1999, Ellen Gilchrist, the founder was working with a north Orange County assistance group but branched off to start a chapter she felt was needed in south Orange county even when no one felt it was necessary. She started collecting food and toys for Christmas out of her car before Family Assistance Ministries took off.

Mary Perdue, the executive director explains that everyone coming in starts out with a case manager and if someone needs glasses for instance, there are local doctors that have partnered up to provide them. She says they look at the whole way to help a person. There are 90 community partners involved to help assist in several situations.

For more info please call Family Assistance Ministries at 949 492 8477 or online info at