Transfer Center helps students with complications during the application process

Various banners from universities inside the Saddleback College Transfer Center located in the student services center. Skyler Mermelstein l Lariat 


As the first semester comes to a close next month, students across campus are preparing to transfer to universities to complete their Bachelor’s degree.

Each year, roughly 2,000 Saddleback students transfer to a four year university, and 70% of those transfers attend a UC or California State University, Saddleback College Transfer Center states.

The transfer application process affects each student differently, depending on which school a student decides to attend. 

“It’s been a tedious process… but the reward that comes with going through it will help further my academic career,” Izzie Worland, a junior business administration student stated.

The Transfer Center on campus hosts virtual and on campus workshop events almost daily in order to assist Saddleback students during their application process as the deadline for application submissions nears. 

 There are counselors all over campus with different specialties, but all of them are able to assist students with transfer information, said senior transfer advisor Sarah Chang. In the Transfer Center specifically, there are four counselors who also have the support of general counselors during workshops and labs.

The Transfer Center offers a variety of resources for students on campus, ranging from individual appointments to transfer fairs where campus representatives meet with students and encourage them to transfer.

“More than 85 colleges come to the fair and talk to Saddleback students,” Chang said.

The Transfer Center also helps students one-on-one with any troubles that come with transferring. Students can find transfer counselors in the student center, or by calling the center’s office to schedule an appointment. The transfer center is also able to accommodate online students with zoom appointments if needed. 

Next semester, the Transfer Center is scheduled to move to the new Gateway Center building next to the BGS building, Barbara Benavides, a transfer specialist, states.

Students can find additional information about scheduling appointments with a transfer counselor here.