OC High School entrepenuer gives back to the beaches

(Courtesy: PUKA/Facebook)

Michael Lowther, a full-time student and an ambitious entrepreneur striving to raise awareness of the vast oceans that mold the diversity of our beautiful coastlines as well as to educate the public about the dangers and consequences of single use plastics through his new ocean conservation clothing brand, “PUKA.”

“My name is Michael Lowther, the founder of PUKA. I’am a senior at Dana Hills High School and I love being outside,” Lowther said. “I’am an ocean lifeguard and a surfer so the appreciation I have for the ocean along with the life within it is beyond this world.” Lowther explains his inspiration and passion behind PUKA as he created this brand because he “wanted to raise awareness for the crisis ocean pollution has created, while being a brand that gives its respects to our Veterans.” 

Lowther took a versatile approach in the creation of his clothing brand, PUKA,  in order to have his company impact individuals in more ways than one and to establish a unique persona for his brand that would allow it to stand out in the midst of his competitors. “While PUKA promotes ocean conservation, it also promotes pride and respect for American freedom,” said Lowther. “Our freedom is not free – it is fought for everyday by our brave men and women who sacrifice time with their friends and family to protect our nation.” 

Growing up in Dana Point, Lowther cherished many memories of visiting the Ocean Institute during field trips or on his free time as a child. The Ocean Institute built a firm foundation for Lowther’s ever growing passion for the ocean and marine life so he wanted to give back to the institute that provided him with memories, lessons and enlightenment through his decision to donate 10% of each product sale to the Ocean Institute.

Lowther feels it is important to support and promote organizations like the Ocean Institute because they are our marine research and education centers and they provide priceless information that can in turn encourage people to conserve the ocean as well as the life in and around it.