Hunting for treasures from others gently-used items at Coast Vintage Market

A young girl deciding whether she is disturbed or in love with the surplus of dolls. (Photo by Niko LaBarbera)

A young girl deciding whether she is disturbed or in love with the surplus of dolls. (File Photo/Niko LaBarbera)

The Coast Vintage Market, a vintage flea market, takes over the Saddleback College parking lot on the second Sunday of every month to provide shopping, food and entertainment to their customers.

The event promoter Shelly Peterson has been collecting and selling vintage items for the past 15 years and wanted to bring the vintage market community to Mission Viejo.

Originally named “Driving Miz Daisy,” they have been around for a little less than three years. People come from all over the west to sell items in their collection.

“Four of our vendors come from Arizona just to sell,” Peterson said.

Vendors here sell an abundance of items such as old collectibles, furniture pieces, jewelry, clothes and shoes. While the majority of them carry vintage only items, some places like The Great Case Exchange have found that many customers enjoy some unique wholesale, vintage inspired items as well.

“We started out with handcrafted stuff or getting rid of vintage stuff but this is what sold,” said Karen Irwin, the owner of The Great Case Exchange.

The customers love the variety of items the market has to offer as well. Peggy Daley and Susan Frans said they love to come and check out the vintage booths while their husbands enjoy the live music and food.

The band Rif Raf Vintage Swing and Crosstown Two Blues Duo provided live music for this past Sundays show but they mix it up every month.

The Coast Vintage Market also supports a nonprofit each month. This month they collected donations for the Red Cross foundation.

“Next month, it will be great opportunities which is for kids at risk in San Juan Capistrano,” Peterson said.

They will be selling old bikes and use that money to give the kids swimming lessons, get them to go surfing and more.

They feel that since the community supports them in coming to their events and providing a place, they want to help to give back to the community through promoting and collecting for these nonprofits.

Those who are interested in selling their merchandise here, there is a required application process before claiming a spot that can be found under the vendor info section of their website. This helps to keep the merchandise different from vendor to vendor and gives the customers a variety of collections to shop at.

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