Ditching the plastic we drink from

Elizabeth Ortiz

Becoming eco friendly may mean having to change old habits.

“Some say collect your water bottles, but the new trend is to eliminate them all together,” Evan Marks, from the San Juan Capistrano ecology center said.

Marks invites the public to find positive and creative solutions that we can use in our community. His influence has made an impact on those who have visited the San Juan Capistrano Ecology Center.

As an advocate for the environment, Marks goes on a weekly air show called “Collage,” interviewed by Dawn Camber at KSBR, to explain some simple solutions that can help create a cleaner environment.

Marks spoke about using canteens rather then plastic and explained the statistics, while encouraging the public to try being a better Stewart of the earth.

Using plastic bottles can be harmful to the environment for many reasons, like waste from runoff entering into the ocean. By not using plastic bottles altogether, can save a large percentage from happening.

To attend a workshop on being environmentally savvy at the San Juan Capistrano Ecology Center, sign up at www.ecologycenter.org.