Camp Pendleton “Faith Warriors” video hits 400,000 via Facebook

Viral is one way to describe a video posted Sept. 14,2014, entitled “Marines singing ‘Days of Elijah’,” The event took place at Marine Corps Base,  Camp Pendleton.

Almost 360 seats were filled with hand-raising, singing Marines during a Sunday evening service when Merrie Pardee Baldwin was compelled to record their reactions.

The Marines were video taped for approximately four minutes and the video was placed on Facebook shortly after. Here’s how people responded.



Todd Starnes from Fox News drew attention to the story after recognizing the powerful potential to go viral.  The Blaze and the Christian Post also took notice.

“There have been reports that the video is lifting viewers from depression,”and the big take away  I want from this video is for people to pray for the men fighting for our country,” said Merrie Baldwin.

“Every Sunday a prayer card is handed out to each Marine attending the service and then that card is taken back and given to one of the two participating churches who have members committed to praying during the week for each individual soldier,” Merrie said.

Merrie and her husband Jim, started a ministry of delivering cookies to the Marines on base two years ago, which led to having a regular service. It’s been supported by  the Baldwins’ church, Arbor Christian Fellowship in Lake Forest, California where they attend.

“The base has given nothing but positive feedback to the ministry,” Merrie said. “and having a positive experience in the military is one more thing to put on a resume as most Marines have to go through a rigorous type of training called ‘School of Infantry’ or in other words, combat training.”

People off base have actually called Merrie the “Cookie Lady,” Jim said. “Her cookies are still bringing a happy presence to the lives of these soldiers.”

“OC Harvest and Arbor Christian Fellowship are some of the churches involved that minister, pray, and participate in worship,” Jim said, who is a maintenance technician at Saddleback College.  The Baldwins are both Saddleback College Alumni.

The classroom where the service takes place holds nearly 360 seats. But there have been as many as 600 attendees at one time with overflow sitting on the concrete floor.

“Presently, men from the Lima Company, guys who have been hurt by their training and feel humiliated at times, are finding the support they need here,” said Merrie. “Cell phones have been provided to check in at home as well, because during training, they are taken away.”

ABC World News reported, the Lima Company, which fought on the front lines is a reserve unit from Columbus, Ohio and is known for being the hardest hit unit during the Iraq War in 2005, losing  23 lives and wounding over 40 Marines.

Merrie encourages those wanting to get involved in other parts of the nation not to give up.

“Make a phone call. Find a way!  Ask the chaplain’s office how to help the soldiers,” Merrie said. ” We are coming up on two years, but it took some time.”

Hand raising, Soldier singing Faith Warriors during viral Video Sunday the 14th of August, at Camp Pendleton.Viral Video shows compelled Marines raising hands to worship during Sunday service at Camp Pendleton.Maines find comfort during Sunday service before video goes viral at Camp Pendleton."Cookie Lady" Merrie Baldwin with husband Jim Baldwin during Sunday Service.Merrie Baldwin the "Cookie Lady," brings her baked goods for the Faith Warriors every Sunday to Camp Pendleton.

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