Celebrating Earth Day by cleaning up


Julie Erickson coordinator of North Beach cleanup, stands behind table with supplies for the cleanup. Stephany Rivera | Lariat

 San Clemente Beach’s Northbeach gets cleaned up on Earth Day

Earth Day marks the day in which everyone can contribute to cleaning up after the environment. As of that special day, North Beach located in San Clemente, was given the treatment to clean it and take good care.

Julie Erickson, the coordinator of this event, coordinated with a school in San Clemente, Las Palmas Elementary School. Erickson and the school rounds up this event as their fourth annual event being done every year that marks Earth Day.

Erickson proudly talks about how the community of San Clemente and local businesses come and support this event. 

“We started it out with 10 people that showed up and over the years it has gradually grown,” said Erickson. “Last year we had a bigger year, like 40 people came and then this year so far 65 people have RSVP’d but there has been many more who just come and sign up as they’re walking on the beach.”

As of businesses that come and support this event Christina Williams and Jake Rowlan work at a renewable insurance company that insures renewable energy products. They both came and supported this event to support Earth Day.

“We have been insuring renewable energy products for over 25 plus years so we thought for earth day just a good bonding experience to come out and clean the beach,” said Williams.

For William and Rowlan, this is their first time participating in the beach cleanup event. Their company insures wind, solar and hydro utilities so this event helps them represent what they do for the environment as a company. 

“It largely aligns the value of the company,” Rowlan said. “We work in renewable energy insurance so we work with environment conscious industry, so when we have the opportunity to volunteer like this it is great to go ahead align our company’s values and play in what we do.”

At the end of the event Erickson’s main goal is to clean the beaches and as she says support Mother Earth. She also adds how this event cleanup is important for the community to connect with each other and support to take care of the Earth.

Whether it’s Earth Day or not it is always important to take care of the environment. To do so check local events like this to support the community and environment.