CBD oil revolutionizes the classic cocktail

With recreational marijuana becoming a trend in California, it hasn’t taken long for the food industry to create and innovate along side the profitable business of weed. 

CBD cocktails offered at Gracias Madre. Courtesy/ @eloiselebel

Gracias Madre is one of the first restaurants to incorporate marijuana, specifically CBD, into its cocktails.  Not only are they one of the first to create a CBD cocktail, but also to have mastered the art of vegan Mexican cuisine.

The idea of Gracias Madre stemmed from a visit to Mexico. Its fundamental building blocks were to offer organic Mexican food to the community and to honor mothers who have worked tirelessly in the kitchens of Mexico. This is where the name Gracias Madre is born. Each dish on the menu is locally sourced and 100 percent organic.

CBD is hemp oil that is legal and not psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. Studies have shown numerous benefits in conjunction with consuming CBD oil. This oil acts as a natural painkiller by playing a role in the control of synaptic transmission in pain pathways. It is also beneficial for the skin by inhibiting the production of sebum, which can be a solution to people suffering from acne.

There are three cocktails listed on their menu that contain CBD and are used for its health benefits and unique flavor profile, according to Gracias Madre. Each of these cocktails are priced at $20, and the oil is branded as 100 percent organic.

The Stoney Neroni is gin cocktail with vermouth, amaro and a spoonful of port. It’s then garnished with a twist of lemon with “puff puff pass” written on it.

I decided to order the Sour T-iesel that had a flavor profile of a pisco sour. It was comprised of tequila, lime, agave, mint, matcha and topped off with five drops of CBD oil. To create the frothy effect without using egg whites, aquafaba is substituted.

Rolled Fashioned is a high vibes twist of the classic old fashion. With bourbon, aromatic bitters, and the smoky flavor of mescal to round off this cocktail. It’s then garnished with a vegan churro, which one could put to their lips in hopes of it becoming a blunt.

These cocktails can also be ordered at its sister restaurant, Café Gratitude, which is located in Newport Beach.

All three of these cocktails are a creative twist on weed culture, and are extremely pleasing to the pallet. After I finished my cocktail, sitting through my lunch was a pleasurable experience, also noticing the effects of CBD.