Cassano’s keeping tradition alive and well in San Clemente

Cassano’s Pizza has been around for nearly three decades bringing pizza to the hearts and mouths of fellow locals and tourists alike. Owners Dave Cassano and Sharron Torres shop on Avenida Victoria was practically a historical landmark. Since then they have moved to 818 S.El Camino Real and are still keeping the local pizza spot alive and well. 

“It’s great to be back”, Torres said in an August 2015 San Clemente Times article. “The support from the community has been unbelievable. It’s great to feel part of the community again, we missed it.

When walking into the restaurant, employees kindly greet their guests making the experience easy and comfortable. They sit them down in the dining room area or by the bar where they can have a number of drinks on tap and kind bartenders who are always there to take orders and provide excellent service.

The walls are lined with for sale art pieces, which brings the small town feel to the restaurant. This family owned restaurant also happily allows sponsorships with local organizations, keeping the sense of community first priority. 

The food was excellent and affordable, even the eyes of a frugal man would be overjoyed at the sight of these prices. One would think that the quality of the food would even make the place a high end restaurant.

The prominent menu item had to be their meatball sandwich which looked, smelled, and tasted authentic and created with integrity. They make the sandwich with fresh ingredients putting in five generously sized meatballs per sandwich making it worth splitting between two people. For the starving, this sandwich alone would satisfy anyones hunger. 

However, if there’s room left, they offer personal 8- inch and large 16-inch pizzas to share. They have the traditional cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizzas along with some unique ones that are worth a try. The peanut butter and bacon pizza oddly has a flavoring system that appeals to the palette and the St. Patty’s pizza, a slice of Ireland, includes corned beef, mustard, onion, sauerkraut, and mozzarella. If anyone’s in the mood for Irish cuisine, this place could oddly satisfy the craving. 

The more unique house pizzas cost $18.95 for the 16-inch and $8.95 for the 8-inch and a normal cheese pizza costs $5.95. It is advisable to try their house pizzas though, as they really are something special and have been a part of their family’s recipe book for years.

Cassano’s delivers through their restaurant and multiple food delivery apps such as door dash. They also do pick-ups so anyone can come in, pay, and get out quickly. Lunch is an especially great time to go as dinner can attract larger crowds, especially on weekends.

“We have been family-owned since the beginning and that’s the way we will always run,” said Dave Cassano at the restaurant, “We want this to be a place that people come to for all kinds of events and special occasions where we have definitely attracted a large number of people from all around southern California.”

Next time you find yourself on the streets of San Clemente make it a priority to check this place out. Your tastebuds will not be disappointed.