Cars and Coffee: San Clemente car show

Ralley Red 1972 440 Plymouth Cuda. (Delani Taft/Lariat)

Every Saturday morning, Cars and Coffee takes place at the Outlets at San Clemente. There are many OC cars and coffee locations, Orange, Aliso Viejo, Irvine. Our local spot is 101 West Avenida Vista Hermosa.

The rear parking lot to the Outlets gets swamped at 9am with hundreds of locals, wanting to show off their ride. Lamborginis, Ford GTs, Bel Airs, VW Busses, Jeep pick-ups and Porsche 911’s show out in candy paint, chrome wraps and every shade of neon. 

The cars range from 1920 to 2020 in every condition. At Cars and Coffee you can see a pristine, fully restored Ford model A alongside a beat up Lamborgini missing its rear bumper. Car shows have always brought out the enthusiasts. A real “car person” will respect the build no matter what stage it’s at, as long as there is passion. 

It is a really neat thing to see all the different modifications you can see that people have done to their cars. People will come up with the craziest stuff to “make it work”. Car shows are the place you can go to see several of the same make and model, but have them all look entirely different because of the modifications. The key is finding a good spot.

“You’ve got to get here early if you want a good spot. I usually show up around 8:20am to park close to the front. Once people start leaving, it’s a mad house for the exit.” regular Corey Mayer said.

The local law enforcement is also known for staking out the exit of Cars and Coffee. They watch for the law breakers, illegal tint, excessive exhaust, burn outs, speeding, etc. 

With all car shows, show up, have fun and drive safely. Check out the other rides, don’t disrespect anyone’s hard work and don’t break the law.