Campus comment: life at Saddleback and advice for incomers

Current events on Saddleback Campus | Sophia Hoffman

Randomly selected Saddleback students were asked: How has your time at Saddleback been, and what advice do you have for incoming students?

Kelsey Naramore, English Major

“I’m very happy with my decision to go to Saddleback because the classes are more personal and the professors actually seem like they care. My advice to you would be to just stay on top of the work and actually show up to classes.”

Adam Lenzini, Computer Science Major

“My time has been good at Saddleback. I’ve had some very good classes and professors. However, I definitely feel I could have done more with my time so far at Saddleback. Due to my pretty heavy course work, I never really felt like I had the time to engage with campus life much. During my first two semesters, which was much lighter, I was able to be a part of the college band and a club. I had a great time and met some great people. But in my second year, that all kind of ended because I just felt too overwhelmed with my classes. I wish I had maybe taken my courses slower so I could do more fun and social stuff alongside my courses. So, if I had to give advice to incoming students, I would probably say to take it slow and try to engage in campus life. I feel like a lot of people think they need to be in and out of Saddleback in two years, but for people like myself, two years is just not feasible. So don’t try to squeeze in as much as possible into two short years. Take your time and maybe join a club. There are so many great clubs at Saddleback. Don’t do what I did and try to just focus on school; take some time to do what’s fun or interesting, because college is an experience you can only really have once.”

Emily Salvanera, Undeclared major

“Saddleback has been nice so far. I haven’t had a bad class here. I feel super prepared for the rest of my education and I’ve been able to take a lot away from the courses I enrolled in. The professors I’ve had have been wonderful and super helpful. My advice to incoming students would be to take your time (two years will fly by) and try to get as much out of your courses as possible. Don’t be afraid to talk to the student next to you, especially if you don’t already know anyone in that class. Contact your professor if you have questions. Most of the time, they will appreciate you reaching out.”

Hannah Smith, Criminal Justice major

“My time at Saddleback has been amazing. They have so many tools and resources for everyone. As someone looking to get into the forensic field, they offer many things that other community colleges don’t. My advice for incoming students is to talk to a counselor and learn all about everything that’s offered on campus. They have more than enough tools to help everyone succeed.”

Michael Kaye, English major

“Saddleback college has always been a valuable resource for me. I went here originally after high school, again a few years later when I wanted to start my acting career and now I’m back taking screenwriting classes. It truly is a community college in that it serves the people who live in Southern Orange County. My advice: try something you’ve always wanted to do. If there’s a class for something you want to know more about, do not hesitate. Even if it doesn’t fit into your major’s requirements, give it a shot. You may find out that you need to change your trajectory. Also, try to make one friend in each class that you’ll keep in touch with, even after it’s over.”

Delaney Aguilar, Psychology major

“I like Saddleback. It’s a great start to help me get to where I want to go. I work quite a bit, so it can be challenging, but I’m glad I chose to take classes in person because I was able to focus more. My advice to incoming students would be to make friends in your classes.”