Box-O-Box care packages provide treats and necessities

Claire Cote

College students are notoriously lazy about personal care, especially when the stress of endless classes and homework becomes overbearing. This is when family members must intervene if they want their students to survive. The means by which this survival is generally achieved is a welcomed care package.

In the old days, when everyone’s mom baked, these boxes were loaded with homemade cookies and brownies, and maybe a card filled with encouraging words. Now people don’t have the time to do the planning, baking and shopping required to create a decent care package. This means most students have to settle for tiny boxes filled with canned soup and marshmallows.

Just in time, something has come along as a remedy for over-stressed students and too-busy parents. They call it the “World’s Greatest College Care Package.”

Box-O-Box is an independently owned and operated business founded by former students who found the packages they received in college somewhat lacking. They create custom or pre-configured packages and send them wherever you desire. The Web site boasts 18 different boxes that that range from an Exam Box containing things like pencils, BlueBook notebooks and instant espresso, to a Movie Night Box stocked with popcorn, Junior Mints, Twizzlers and more.

The creators of the boxes handpick the best products for their Box-O-Box ensembles, gearing toward a healthy college lifestyle. The packages range from $40 to $50 dollars, depending on type and size, and can be personalized for certain needs, such as diabetics, vegans or vegetarians.

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