Bookstore or Internet: What do students prefer?

Jessica Osiecki
Bookstores are at war to see who sells the most books. (Photo by Alyssia Hunter/Lariat)

Bookstores are at war to see who sells the most books. (Photo by Alyssia Hunter/Lariat)

The big question some Saddleback College and Irvine Valley College students wonder about is where to buy their books for the semester at the best price. Is it online or in a the college bookstore?

A poll was conducted on how many students use the bookstore or rather go online.

There are some students out there today who buy their books online, while some students buy them at bookstores. Some bookstores even allow students to rent books for cheaper than the original price instead of buying the book and reselling it.

Saddleback students may even prefer to buy their books at the College Bookstore across the street from the college which lets costumers buy and resell their books.

When it comes to students who order online, you have to wait two to three business days or even weeks to have the textbook delivered.

Almost 60 percent of the students at Saddleback that participated in the poll said that when it comes to ordering their books online, they mostly use Amazon┬árather than the Saddleback bookstore’s website.

Out of those 60 percent, almost half of those students use, only for the reason that it comes with one night shipping. Also it gives the students more options for buying used books. It was only two students in the entire poll that use the bookstore website to buy their books.

According to Dolores Monet on, the relatively new phenomena of eBooks and the success of Amazon’s Kindle is throwing the world of publishing and reading into a whole new age of controversy and turmoil.

On almost every news channel and website on the Internet, you hear about eBooks possibly replacing traditional paperback books. But not to fear, there are still some students at Saddleback that still use the bookstore for their textbook needs.

After the conclusion of the poll, it was also found out that about eight students said they buy their books from the bookstore. While some students go to the bookstore across the street from the school.

Some students are beginning to consider buying the Kindle from the Amazon website of the Apple iPad due to the instant and easy access the products provide.

Surprisingly, there are students out there that are still willing to take the risk of paying a lot of money to get the actual textbook that they need for their class.

Whether you go online or the bookstore, most students on the poll or survey at Saddleback have said that they really need books either way in order to function in their classes.