Blessing Adeoye Jr, The New Face of Video Games 

Blessing Adeoye Jr., the latest member of news media company, Kinda Funny. Blessing Adeoye Jr./Courtesy 

It was only a year ago when Blessing Adeoye Jr. was nominated for the “Best Friend Up and Comer” program by the Kinda Funny community. Kinda Funny is an online media entertainment company that focuses on video games, film, TV and comics. They asked their “Best Friend” community to vote for someone as an up and comer, they flew them out and had them host shows, participate with the community and work with the team for a week. 

During one of the shows, the podcast “We Have Cool Friends” interviewed guests and got to know people from all over the industry. The founder of Kinda Funny, Greg Miller, asked Adeoye Jr. what his dream job or the next big step is and he answers, “Here, honestly.”

“I remember the day they hired me,” Adeoye Jr. says. “It was literally like a week or two after my ‘Up and Comer’ week, and I couldn’t believe it, because I just wanted to get my voice out there in the industry. Not just because I love video games but because it was what spoke to me like even with OK Beast, that was a passion project but was something I saw like a portfolio rather than a job or even a part-time job.” 

Adeoye Jr. had started a small company with some friends and fellow creators called OK Beast, which focuses on gaming, films and more, producing podcasts, short films, articles and video essays. As the founder and executive editor of the team, he wrote and hosted hundreds of articles and shows over the years. However, he mainly saw OK Beast as a way to show off his skills to get his dream job that he always wanted, which he accomplished.

He was hired at Kinda Funny in late 2019 and started hosting and producing content for the team in January 2020. In almost every show, he’s always introduced as “the new face of video games,” due to his passion for the industry and how much positivity he brings to every show he is on. He’s a regular host on “Kinda Funny Games Daily,” a morning podcast recapping the news in the games industry.

He also occasionally co-hosts the “Kinda Funny Gamescast,” a weekly podcast where the Kinda Funny team discusses multiple topics and what they have been playing. He’s also the main producer for “First Impressions,” a show where the team gets together and gives their thoughts on the newest games. 

“It’s crazy how tired I am,” Adeoye Jr. says when mentioning what’s different for him now at Kinda Funny. “Like yeah, it’s my dream and I wouldn’t want anything to change, but man I get really tired cause I was so used to doing stuff like this like weekly and on the side. But now having to be on camera and doing a show almost every day, five times a week doing two shows a day that are an hour to two hours and yeah it’s exhausting sometimes but I love it cause this has been my dream for the longest time.” 

Adeoye Jr. has always been an advocate for diversity and representation and has spoken out about lack and need for developers, writers, journalists and voice actors. On some of the show segments, he has highlighted smaller developers, which is why he becomes a producer for “First Impressions” where he talks more about the games and creators that slip under the radar. 

“I knew immediately what I wanted to do with my time at Kinda Funny,” Adeoye Jr. says when speaking about representation in the games industry. “As soon as I could, I kept suggesting to Greg Miller about new faces, more diverse faces in the industry that could be brought in on the morning shows and Gamescast because that’s one more step towards having these people get jobs, getting hired in games media because that’s big and that allows them to have their own voice and to shine.” 

When members of Kinda Funny introduce him as the “new face of video games” they may not be far off because of how hard he works to push diversity and representation in the games industry— not just in games, but games development, writing and more. It was almost a year ago now when Adeoye Jr. talked about his dream to work at Kinda Funny. Fast forward he’s now one of the community’s favorite and most positive members of the Kinda Funny team.