Best places near campus to zone TF out

Roasted Coffee Beans in a Heart Shape. Credit: Picture Domain

Everybody has those days. Especially being a college student! Like why can’t the world just slow down for a moment? I never wanted to be a conscious being that has to do taxes! Haha, when can I get off this crazy ride?

Anyway, here are my favorite places to let my brain dissolve slowly:

  • Kona Loa on Jeronimo
    • Looking forward to lightly dissociate tonight? Hoping to see some kind of baristas? Mayhaps play a board game or two? Nurse your social anxiety with a red velvet mocha tonight. Open until 11:00 pm! (For our stoner readers, the Jack-in-the-Box next door is open until midnight. I recommend the curly fry sriracha burger.)
  • Behind Saddleback College’s very own water treatment facility
    • A well-hidden local gem. Includes a set of tables under the lovely shade of the trees. You can hear the water in the pool nearby, and the rumble of maintenance car engines as they pass through the road. Perfect area for a good thousand-yard stare!
  • Aliso Creek Trail underneath the overpass
    • Revisit the childish, feral life. Go batshit. Feel invincible. Fight God and collect some pretty stones. The nearby river is known to carry the slimmest of frogs. Several underpasses to choose from, and all of the best quality mischief-making. Maybe find a goblin hole. Who knows?
  • First floor of the LRC next to the gender-neutral bathrooms
    • Includes a lovely cushy bench and a nearby outlet! Prime real estate if you plan to cry over your ex on social media between classes. Don’t worry, we know you’re not mad that they’re happy, you just wish they’d mourn the relationship a little longer like you! What gives them the right to be more emotionally secure about this?
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Marguerite
    • Who else likes high ceilings and good music? You do! This Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf boasts some spacious room and pleasant seating arrangements. They remain open until 9:00 pm!