Be U Threading keeping safety precautions

Fatima Hosseini giving a threading service to a client before the COVID-19. Afsaneh Nik/Courtesy 

Due to COVID-19 Be U Threading has brought in more clientele while also keeping their salon sanitary

Fatima Housseini has struggled to manage her threading and wax salon, Be U Threading, in quarantine. Still, the salon has managed to keep its business on its A-game, despite the multiple closures that have been required by the state for personal care businesses.

Housseini has worked in San Clemente as an esthetician for eight years and founded Be U Threading in May 2019. As a threading specialist, she helps her clients enhance their natural beauty by removing unwanted hair.

Be U Threading anticipated celebrating their one year anniversary until Gov. Gavin Newsom issued stay at home orders in March to slow down the spread of COVID-19. The orders forced closures of countless businesses, like Housseini’s. Although, since opening back up, Be U Threading has had a steady stream of clients coming in to get their beauty needs to be met. 

“We actually have seen an increase in our client base since we reopened after the shutdown,” Houssini says. “I think mainly because we are following all the guidelines which makes our clients feel safer to come and get their services done.”

The salon follows the Center for Disease Control and state guidelines to keep their salon clean and sanitized, so it’s as safe as possible for clients. They take each client’s temperature upon arrival, wipe down the stations with alcohol after each client use and only allow the individuals receiving a treatment inside of the salon— all others must be outside.

Though it was difficult at first for clients to get used to all the new safety precautions that were implemented at the salon, Housseini says that the hardest part was “moving and setting up the stations outside.”

“It is extra work for us as well as our clients and it takes time for clients in general to adapt to the new norm,” Housseini says.

Restaurants, stores and salons all had to find ways to provide their services outside, and Be U Threading did just that. Opening their salon outside, they were not able to offer all their services like waxing and lash lifting. Though moving outside brought challenges, Housseini believes that some positives came with it as well. 

  “The positive thing about working outside was that we got new clients that were just curious to know what we were doing under the tent,” Housseini says “Which was great advertisement.”

Although working outside has been advantageous in bringing in new customers, health concerns due to the pandemic put a damper on the salon’s monthly promotion that they used to offer. Prior to the pandemic, the salon offered 10 % off any work done on the first Tuesday of every month, along with a rose for any client that received a threading or waxing. Though, Housseini says her concerns came from clients “touching the flowers,” which could cause the spread of germs.

Even though the salon has had restrictions due to COVID-19, the transition from inside to outside has brought in more clientele. Now that they offer all their services inside, Be U Threading remains hopeful that more clients will come in.

“We are following guidelines for beauty salons,” Houseinni says. “And since we did the exact same thing before we transitioned outside, we are used to it now.”