Attend Rise of the Resistance in less than a minute

A new Star Wars character for RoR (JD Rocha)

Do not sleep on Disney’s new attraction or they will be no chance in hell you will be able to ride the new “Star Wars” experience on your days visit to the Anaheim theme park. 

JD and Britney in RoR queue (Frank Rocha/Lariat)

Arriving at Disneyland entrance at 5 a.m. with strong brewed tea and breakfast burrito in hand was necessary to get a shot onto the departure list for Galaxy’s Edge’s new and daring attraction, Rise of the Resistance. After the attendance of a many individual who joined in the brisk Anaheim morning entered the theme park with eager minds and quick feet to be the first to arrive at the multiple group signups for the attraction. As the rope dropped at 7:55 a.m. many people fast walked or at sometimes running, delivering flat tired feet and boxing out like a NBA center to get to the location before the call time at 8 a.m. Luckily I had people in my party who were more athletic and had track and field history. So thanks to them the got in line being the sixth in line at the signup spot. 

The clock struck 8 and people began cheering and then some had starting arguing in disappointment that the signups for the new star wars attraction filled up in less than a minute. Our party was the 54 group for the 75 groups for the day, even though we were sixth in that line outside splash mountain. Many people after us in line were getting angry and frustrated that their morning of waiting came up empty to any chance to attend the attraction for the day.  

So in the meantime we went to Oga’s Cantina, a Tatooine like bar that hosts a wide variety guests from children and adults with alcoholic and non-alcoholic concoctions and immersive atmosphere for any person wiling to indulge in such a hive of scum and villainy. The cantina is the first location in the 64 year old Disneyland Park history to serve alcoholic beverages. Anyone is old enough to stand near the bar, which will make anyone give a double take while they drink a Dagobah Slug Slinger or a Yub Nub, near a 7 month old dressed up as baby Yoda. The DJ for the cantina is Captain R3-X, who is deep in the star wars theme park lore and old captain of the Star Tours attraction, also a cemented figure in my childhood nostalgia at the theme park. So I always fanboy noticing an old friend of Disneyland’s past and now resurrected for a new audience.  

The three moods of RoR (JD Rocha)

After a few more drinks at the cantina, after we indulged in dole whips, turkey legs, mouse-shaped benuits, bread soup bowls and seven other rides later. At 6 p.m. are group was then called for our departure through the Disneyland app. Arriving to the entrance of the ride we are greeted by the heroic and larger than life Chewbacca. Going into Black Spire Outpost, the Resistance base at Batuu, the planets guests inhabit during their visit to the new land, go into their hideout which holds Resistance outfits, weapons and vehicles in an ancient station that is a rebellion mobile home and stash house for the next attack and defense against the First Order. Many supplies, terminals, and targeting room are riddled throughout the tunnels and walkways that feel more alien, sometimes claustrophobic, but practical for a military outpost that is trying to be under the First Order’s nose of detection.  

After the rides que, a group of twenty attendees are subjected to a room to where you are meet a recognizable hero, that leads a transmission on the mission to take place and its risky mission that might succumb the hero, the guest or ultimately you.  

The mission leads the guest to the stars above and is subjected by the hero’s journey, hardships, downfalls, surprises and unable to determine the outcome with your passage. Slips, turns, star destroyers, star wars characters and transports that diverts the mind of roleplaying in a galaxy of detail and its lore so deep, it goes past the mouth and belly of the sarlac. You are important to this mission and are subjected to this believable world, that goes past the 3D screen and a flight simulator of Star Tours and surpasses any ride internationally and foreign Disney theme parks have to offer. 

RoR ride queue (JD Rocha)

At the rides ending just like the intention of Disneyland is to make the attendee to feel like the adventure was a storybook or movie lived through at its conclusion. Where the audience or reader has to stand up, cheer at its jaw dropping outcome what has succumbed to the hero. The elation of this attraction makes it worth the trampling of guests upon you and the early morning wait. Please keep this ride at the last thing you attend, because this makes any other fan or personal favorite look so minuscule and shows the future of what Disneyland will become and evolve into. An experience so real, you cannot distinguish a ride and dream realism.  

If you ever wanted to be in the world of Star Wars this ride is the closest to take it the stars in light speed past the moon of Endor and beyond the galaxy far far away. Cannot wait for the future of Disneyland and what its imagineers bring. This ride is a looking glass to what rides can become and is a blueprint to the future are children will be spoiled too.