Ask Lari, Help! Why are there balls in my tea?


Saddleback College’s student advice column

When you’re making a PB&J sandwich, do you put the peanut butter or the jelly first? 

Dear student, thank you for bringing this very important and controversial topic to the forefront of our attention. In my professional PB&J making opinion, I believe that the jelly is the first condiment that should be applied to the sandwich. The reasoning behind this is that the jelly is the easier to wipe off the knife so that it is clean enough to dip into the peanut butter jar without contaminating said jar. Another tactic I often hear is using a paper towel to wipe the jelly off the knife or using a whole new knife altogether, but this is wasteful. I say, wipe the jelly covered knife on the other piece of bread to reduce the waste that you create to make a single PB&J sandwich.

It’s my friend’s 21st birthday and she asked me to go, but I have work the next morning and really don’t want to go. She’s also bailed on my 21st birthday because she said she was going to hang out with her boyfriend. I’m worried that she’ll think I’m being petty by not going, what should I do?

Dear student who is way too kind, I think it would be 100 fair if you didn’t attention your friend’s 21st birthday. First off, she only asked you if you could go so it’s not like you are backing out of any already set plans. Secondly, she bailed out on you to hang out with her boyfriend. Whatever happened to “hoes before bros?” I say stay home, cuddle up in bed and work on your homework. And if you are still worried about how your friend feels, you can always just reschedule and go treat her to dinner or something.

Are you supposed to chew the bubbles in boba tea or just swallow them? I just swallow them, but my friend says you’re supposed to chew them. 

Dear student, please start chewing your bob a bubbles for the love of God. You are definitely 100% supposed to chew the little balls at the bottom of the cup. The bubbles are made of tapioca and do not break down easily in your stomach. You are risking a build up of boba pearls in your stomach causing stomach pains and constipation. So, chew your boba pearls you absolute savage.

How does a full-time student afford to live?

Student life can be difficult and often times it seems like there isn’t enough hours in a day to get everything done. But luckily Saddleback has a few programs that can take some weight off your shoulders. Firstly, if you are a full-time student and don’t have time for a job you should check out Saddleback’s food pantry. They have food and other necessities like hygiene products and clothing. The school also hosts a free grocery event every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. The school also offers physical and mental health programs to help people struggling with addiction, depression, medical issues, and any sort of abuse. If you have any other questions check out the Student Success tab on the Saddleback website.

Any tips on getting parking here at school? I’m still having trouble finding parking and show up late to class because of it. 

Dear student, time management is key to a successful parking experience. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before but if you struggle to find a parking space than show up 3 minutes to an hour early. But coming from a student who has been dealing with parking here for 3 years here’s the best tip, stay away from parking lot 10. Honestly that parking lot is a nightmare and steering clear of that parking lot will do a number for your mental health. If you have a class on the upper part of campus like the BGS or Science building park in lot 5A. If you have a class in the SM or FA building park in lot 12. It’s a smaller parking lot that I think many students don’t really know about and there are usually plenty of spots open. It’s also super easy to get in and out of unlike the labyrinth that is lot 10.