ASG serves waffle breakfast

Affordable breakfast that’s helping someone out makes it that much better (Joseph Fleming)

Affordable breakfast that’s helping someone out makes it that much better (Joseph Fleming)

At Saddleback College, the first Wednesday of every month will now be “Waffle Wednesday.” Located in the quad from eight to eleven a.m., ASG will now provide a waffle breakfast to raise money for the Emergency Relief Fund, which is used for Saddleback students in need of help. Along with that there is also a donation box for Hurricane Maria victims.

The idea of having Waffle Wednesday on the first Wednesday of each month is to make it easier for students to remember. For the month of October, it’s already made an impact.

“We saw you could donate so we wanted to donate and we got waffles in the process, said Saddleback student Jessica Chrom. “It’s a good idea. The more you have it out the more likely people will see it, buy, donate.”

Energetic music plays, giving early morning students a little more pep in their step. As donations are received, syrup is drizzled on warm waffles while ASG members greet students on their way to class. Among those helping was ASG President Erica Delamare. Excited about the new monthly event, Delamare looked forward to the next couple of weeks.

“Right now we’re doing our Mental Health Awareness Series,” said Delamare. “So once or twice a week for this month, we have different speakers coming in from the Student Health Center and other local organizations talking about anything in regards to mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence.We want to make sure students feel comfortable talking about it, and that it’s OK to talk about these topics.”

Waffles are $1 a piece or $5 for all you can eat. 

For more information on these breakfasts, or other events at Saddleback College, make sure to check out Saddleback College’s website or Facebook page.