ASG election nominees deliver their aims and aspirations for 2016

Associate Student Government members running for high rank positions gathered in front of prospective student voters as a panel to introduce themselves on April 18. Discussions arose regarding the sales of ASG stamps, a new currency system for clubs and the installation of water fountains that refill reusable water bottles. But all in all, the purpose of the panel was to get a grasp of who these candidates are and their intentions if elected to their respective position.

Running for Director of ICC is 20-year-old Aerospace Engineer major, Garrett Dhillon. He has been a part of ASG for two years, and since then with the help of his colleagues, established the Inter-Club Council forum of students to help organize clubs at Saddleback. His team also established an efficient point system that makes it simple to supply clubs with goods. Dhillion is also looking towards the future of Inter Council Club.

“What I want to do is kind of standardize the procedures of the inner workings of the Inter Club Council,” Dhillion said.

Striving for the ASG president position is 19-year-old history major, Lucy Hendrix. She made her mark on ASG by creating a judiciary committee to bring forth changes within ASG and Saddleback. Hendrix acted as the catalyst for the new hybrid water fountain that will soon be filling up student’s water bottles around campus.

“I really hope that in my presidency I can hope to like continue to support ideas like that because you know random ideas that you are passionate about are the ones that really make changes,” Hendrix said.

Campaigning for ASG vice president is 20-year-old business economics major Rei Kamio. She is currently the director for the international and diversity council. Kamio’s powerful empathy with international students lead to the construction of the peer mentorship programs that links native and international student together. Kamio also praises ASG for helping her come out of her shell.

“ASG has taught me how to become talkative in myself, how to talk in front of everyone and it’s been a great experience for me,” said Kamio. “ That’s why I want to further my experience in ASG and become vice president and push myself even further.”

18-year-old mathematics major, Alyssa Oliver feels that she has yet to gain major accomplishments in her first year in student government. She plans to change that next year by focusing on outreach for the honors and student council. Oliver is making the ambitious move of becoming the director for the council.

“Taking on this position for the director of the honors student council is going to be quite a leap for me,” said Oliver. “But I wouldn’t even be putting myself in this position if I didn’t think I was capable of being director next year and doing a really good job.”

If you would to learn more about the election, ASG members will be available in the quad every day at noon until April 22. Elections will be held on April 28.