(April Fools’) Culinary style meals for college students

Devine pizza prepared by chef Mike Rowave. (Delani Taft/Lariat)

While in college, students enjoy so many new experiences. Making new friends, choosing your own schedule, and living your own life. One of these new experiences is cooking for yourself.

Many of us have not had a lot of experience with this, living at home or relying on take out for our next meal. I’m here to help you create fine dishes that every college student can master in no time. 


  • Cardbox pizza flavored with paprika and oregeno
  • Microwave
  • Chicken Broth
  • Various vegetables
  • Japanese noodles
  • Chicken flank
  • Oven
  • Some purified water
  • Various dishes
  • Tomato reduction
  • Cured pork

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Flour crust topped with tomato reduction, gourmet cured pork and beef slices, flavored with paprika and oregano. – first step is to remove your dish from its freezer cardboard box. Then, place the meal onto a safe plate, and insert into microwave for 3-4 minutes, until golden brown. Lastly, enjoy your fine dining.
  2. Chicken broth with mixed vegetables with Japanese noodles. – Once you have the cup of the pre-rationed ingredients, remove the paper cover and pull back. Second, use purified water, preferably treated by reverse osmosis for purity, and heat over flame. Then, pour water over entree and use lid to recover your dish. Wait desired time, varying for softness and relish in your hot soup.
  3. Breaded white meat chicken flank. – First step is to take your golden brown chunks of chicken and place evenly on pre-greased sheet. Place chicken in oven at 425° for a time of 15 to 20 minutes until crisp. Let chicken cool and savor the homemade flavor.

And you’re done, you’re welcome.