An Elephant Parade comes to Dana Point

Elizabeth Ortiz

An Elephant Parade Exhibition takes place in Dana Point until Nov.17, showcasing dozens of hand-painted life sized elephant sculptures in support of Mosha, the first elephant to receive a prosthetic leg after stepping on a land mind.

Mosha represents the elephant population that is on the verge of extinction,” Ambassador of The Elephant Parade, Dana Alan Yarger said.

Yarger was recently interviewed on KSBR, 88.5 FM public radio station and mentioned in the interview how the non-profit organization started with a baby elephant, who was fortunate enough to receive a prosthetic limb after stepping on a land mind. The elephant survived.

This sparked an idea that would involve many popular artist and celebrities to contribute to a cause that would go towards helping elephants like Mosha and also prevent the extinction of the large mammal at hand. These elephants are displayed and will be auctioned off in November. Names like Tommy Hilfiger and Kim Kardashian are some just to name a few.

“If we can’t save a big creature such as an elephant, then how can we save a little organism the size of plankton that is so crucial in this world,” Yarger said.

Yarger believes that we need to first prove to ourselves that we can save a big creature that was abundant to our world. He also believes that raising money through the Elephant Parade will bring our global world together, because it is a world-based foundation.

“E is for elephant and everything essential to saving the environment,” Yarger said.” Children should see an E and remember that it’s important to protect the environment and animals that live on the earth,” he said.

The events of the Elephant Parade are as follows:

Exhibition Period
Each elephant will be displayed throughout various parks, local beaches, OC Dana point Harbor and within the resorts in Dana Point.

Closing Ceremonies: November 10-17
Lantern Bay Park
This free event brings the collective herd back together to give locals one last look before the elephants go to auction.

Grand Auction: November 17
Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa 
Select elephants will be auctioned to raise money for the Asian elephant Foundation.

For more information, visit Dana Point’s website at