Adele’s comeback

Adele singing live in 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. Wikimedia Commons | Kristopher Harris

Adele resurfaces after 6 years with new single, “Easy On Me”

British pop artist Adele has made her come back with her new ballad that was made to make you cry, smile and perhaps even reminisce about your past. Her new single, “Easy On Me,” released Oct. 15, has broken into Billboard’s Top Five this week and is continuing to climb the charts.

According to singer-songwriter Adele, this song is an ode to one of the most difficult periods of her entire life as she was forced to navigate her divorce with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. There is surely no question that Adele absolutely poured her heart and soul into the lyrics of this song.

After such turbulent times in life, many people find themselves transforming into new individuals just like Adele.

“I’ve shed many layers but also wrapped myself in new ones,” Adele explains in her Instagram post on Oct. 13.

In “Easy On Me,” she is pleading to the public, her ex-husband and herself to give her a break and take things easy on her as she resurfaces into the public eye after a very tumultuous period in her private life.

“I was still a child,” Adele sings. “Didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me.”

She describes herself as a child before this heartbreak, perhaps suggesting that since having gone through this divorce and intense growth period, she has been able to truly grow into a wiser individual.

She has crafted the lyrics in order for anyone and everyone to be able to relate to the song, whether you are going through heartbreak or simply a transformative stage in life.

Not only has Adele made her comeback with her new single, but she has made and is planning to make many appearances on various platforms, such as Vogue and CBS. She is surely giving her fans no time to get bored of her as she is also planning to release her new album, “30” on Nov. 19.

Adele has been an iconic artist for about a decade ever since releasing “Rolling in the Deep,” and fans are still eager to see what she has to offer 10 years later. However, I could only imagine how difficult it was for her to reemerge into the public eye after such time, so as fans, we must remember to take it easy on her.