A music montage for crunch time

Since the only seemingly decent way to get through any tough situation, as shown in all films, is a serious montage, here’s a list of background music to make your studying session for finals seem a little less time-consuming.

Start with something mellow, but not too mellow. You want to be calm, but falling asleep is not on the agenda when it’s probably already 2 a.m. and you have an 8 a.m. final to be ready for.

DO listen to: All of Me by Frank Sinatra  

Sinatra’s timeless sound, matched with the simplicity of his ever-dreamy love ballads makes for an easy listen through piles of study guides. The soothing sound relaxes your brain and gives way for learning, but keeps your eyes open instead of doing the typical droopy-eye nonsense seen on faces of cartoon students.

DON’T listen to: Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

Yes, the ultimate hipster-esque drama queen has caught the eye of plenty, however, the depressing lyrics and solemn tune only lead to a book filled with face and snoring.

Bring something with some pizazz because, let’s be real here, you’ve probably already reopened Facebook and been scrolling through the newsfeed for about 10 minutes. You need a pick-me-up to get your lazy ass away from the laptop — or at least off social media, since Blackboard has taken over our community college lives.

DO listen to: Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo (feat. 2 Chainz)

Your booty don’t need explaining — and neither does this song.

Seriously though, if this song doesn’t boost your morale, you’ve probably already given up on this semester.

DON’T listen to: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

This is no time for twerking, you have too many things to know about by tomorrow morning, and how to shake your ass isn’t going to be on the final, I swear. It’s just going to end with you remembering Miley’s “stunt” and kind of missing Hannah Montana. But, alas, it’s not on Netflix, so you can’t get too sidetracked.

Add something with little to no lyrics to give yourself a break from the sound and a chance to actually dive into the material and read it. Continuing to read the same line over and over because lyrics are so catchy really won’t add points on the final grade.

DO listen to: Sweet Disposition by the Vitamin String Quartet

Anything by the Vitamin String Quartet is bound to boost the energy of the room. They perform a variety of genres, from pop to country, and give a beautiful twist to the songs.

This already classic song keeps you attentive on your work, especially with it mellowed down and now lyric-less. Of course you may find yourself humming the tune, but isn’t humming while working a common thing? This remake of Sweet Disposition is the perfect addition to your eclectic playlist.

DON’T listen to: Call Me Maybe (instrumental) by May B.

Thought this song died out? It should have. Don’t even try adding this song to the playlist, because it will only end in a rendition of the internet famous car dance from the Harvard baseball team. This song is bound to get you off track and reminiscing about 2012.

There are plenty more songs that will make studying a breeze, but, naturally, it’s all based on personal taste. In general, try to avoid things that will just make you fall asleep, like Say Something by A Great Big World, or songs that get you too distracted, like anything by Beyoncé. Yes, she’s queen, but you’re going to just start dancing and wishing you were her, which really cuts into legitimate study time.

All in all, studying can be easy if you just find your personal playlist, but don’t spend your time making that list if you have a final to take in a few hours.