A lesson of life and love

There are five factors in a relationship that contribute to divorce (ajada/Flickr.com / CC-N 2.0 license)

Nicole Bullard

Psychology instructor Laura Duvall will discuss the joys and sadness of relationships, especially when married couples must deal with divorce.

“Predicting divorce, who stays married?” is the topic.

Saddleback College’s Psychology Club’s Facebook page says psychologists can predict who will still be married in 10 years with almost 90 percent accuracy.

There are five factors that predict divorce, according to experts. These include positive/negative behaviors, attitude similarity, marital and sexual satisfaction, having parents who divorced, and level of neuroticism.

Duvall will talk about these factors and how individuals in a relationship have complete control over these aspects.

She has been teaching for nearly 20 years. Duvall taught at Cypress College and Rio Hondo College before moving to Illinois for a teaching position there, where she lived for 17 years. During this period, she met her husband.

Duvall hopes students will gain an appreciation for the science of psychology, as well as learn important and meaningful information that can improve their lives, she wrote on her website.

Part of the “PsychTALKS!” lecture series, this event takes place Wednesday, March 21, at 2:15 p.m. in the Business and General Studies building (BGS), in room 144.