A day in the life at Martha’s in Hermosa Beach with Kate Condren

Kate Condren is a waitress at the restaurant that her family partially owns on the main drag in Hermosa Beach, California. We got to hear a little bit about why this is such a valuable place to the city and to her.

Kate Condren at her family’s breakfast and brunch restaurant in Hermosa Beach. | Emma Wiley

Can you tell me a little bit about this restaurant?

Martha’s is a breakfast and lunch spot by the Hermosa beach strand on 22nd Street. Martha’s has been open since 1984 and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon “knock on wood.” 

What is it that makes Martha’s stand out? 

Martha’s stands out from other restaurants because the chefs are so talented and have created some of the “Best Bite” (city contest voted by locals) in the South Bay. The staff is so welcoming and they work very well together. There are a lot of moving parts and they make it look easy. The service is incredible. The servers seem to truly enjoy working there and it creates a very comfortable space to unwind and dine.

If you could have a combo of a drink and an entree which would you choose? 

For breakfast, I love to order the two poached eggs with hash browns and an English muffin, a side of chipotle ranch. Or I will order a cinnamon bun pancake with strawberries and a large glass of Martha’s fresh-squeezed orange juice. For lunch, I crave the grilled cheese and I add onions and mushrooms inside with their famous curly fries and a mimosa with their freshly squeezed OJ. 

What are a few of the top-selling items on the menu? 

The white corn scramble, breakfast burrito, cheesy egg toast and the steak and eggs bowl.

What is your favorite thing about this restaurant that not many people would know?

There is a great community of people that work at Martha’s and the staff is so inviting and friendly. Most of them are in fact friends and have worked together for the last 20+ years.

What is the crowd like that dines at Martha’s? 

Martha’s daily customers range from the people in town to people from all over the world. Our customers will wait up to an hour to experience a delicious meal at Martha’s. When I moved out of town for two years, I would have dreams about the food at Martha’s. It’s that good and is what keeps people coming back.