20 Questions with Eva and the dead

Ouija board

Ouija board photo by ZaraFlores.

Lariat editors discovered the spirits behind a Ouija board while playing near Saddleback College at the Vista Real apartments on Wed. Oct. 12, 2016, by calling upon the local spirits and asking the responders some questions.

The Lariat editors that participated in this haunted act were Mackenzie Quinn, Filip Pejcinovic, Katie Groat, Zara Flores and Meaghan Corkill. Five young adults just looking to speak to a few spirits in honor of Halloween only being a few weeks away.

With a Ouija board set up in the middle of Meaghan’s bedroom, creating a spooky vibe with candles lit and the lights turned off, the editors began by each placing two fingers on the planchette and asking if there were any spirits around.

After patiently waiting about two to three minutes the planchette began to move and inched its way to the ‘yes’ that was written out on the board.

“What is your name?” Mackenzie asked.

The planchette then moved across the board to the letter ‘E’ then to an ‘V’ and across to an ‘A’, spelling out the name Eva.

Many more questions were asked by the editors and many questions were answered. Allowing them to discover that Eva was a 5-year-old girl who was hurt by her parents and was all alone wherever she may be.

When the group tried to ask questions that required more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer Eva wouldn’t budge the planchette and after Katie asked if she could spell the editors quickly discovered that this 5 year old was only educated up to the point of any living five year old and could not yet spell out full words, leaving the conversation quite short.

“Can we please speak to another spirit?” Mackenzie asked.

The planchette moved to ‘yes’ as Eva’s response, but before the group could say goodbye another spirit came through, or at least they think.

Moving all around the board spelling out nonsense the planchette wasn’t giving away many answers as to who the group was now speaking to. After asking many questions from almost all members of the group the planchette moved across three letters that the Lariat staff got a kick out of.

“What is so funny?” Katie asked.

In response to the planchette spelling out ‘LOL’ right in front of their eyes, the group then said ‘goodbye’ and ended the first session with the spirits.

The second session took place at Meaghan’s kitchen table, with the same lighting and finger placement as last time and the group began by asking if there were any spirits around. A few short moments later the group got a response as the planchette moved across the board to the ‘yes’ where they then met another spirit.

“What is your name?” Mackenzie asked.

The planchette moved down to the number six and sat there for moments. The group of young adults all looked left and right wondering what this answer might mean.

“Your name is not six, now spell out for us what your name is,” Mackenzie said.

The planchette then moved spelling out the name AJ and opening the doors to many more questions.

Discovering that Aj was 52 years old and stuck wherever he might be the group discovered something much more frightening than they had expected.

When asked if he was alone Aj moved the planchette over the ‘no’ and that is where the group was told about Zack.

After being told that Aj was afraid of Zack because he was not a good spirit the front door to the house was swung open by other residents that lived there. With this loud noise two of the five people jumped and let go of the planchette.

When moving your fingers from the planchette before saying goodbye it blurs the pathway between the spirits and the players of the game allowing the spirits to attach themselves to you if they choose to do so.

“Put your fingers back on,” Katie said.

Everyone focused back on the Ouija board and waited for a sign.

“Is anyone still with us?” Mackenzie inquired.

Nothing happened.

“How old is the spirit we are talking to,” Mackenzie asked again.

The planchette moved down the board making out the number 52, leaving the group to think it was AJ as he told them earlier that he was 52 years old.

Asking AJ if he was now alone he said no, but that wasn’t the part that frightened the group this time.

“Should we be scared” said Katie.

AJ answered her by moving the Planchette over the word ‘yes’.

Fearful for what might have just happened the group took over and said ‘Goodbye’ ending their second session with the spirits.

The third session was only supported by some of the group members as others were afraid of what might happen next. Needing answers to what happened in the second session they all agreed to give the Ouija board one last go and see what the spirits had to say.

Same setting, same lighting, same finger placement and same starting question.

“Is there anyone here that we can talk to,” said Mackenzie.

Nothing happened for quite some time, after repeating the question multiple times the group finally got a response of ‘yes’.

“What is your name,” said Mackenzie.

The planchette moved to the number six, just like it had in the previous session. When Mackenzie then asked the question again the Planchette began sliding across the board moving from letters ‘A’ to ‘M’ and when it continued from ‘N’ heading towards ‘Z’ members of the group looked around in a panic remembering what they were told before the game began.

If the planchette moves from A-Z and 1-0 or from 0-1 and Z-A you need to say goodbye immediately because this is what a spirit does when it is trying to escape.

Unaware of the new spirits intentions the group all took control and said ‘Goodbye’ ending their third and final session.
A few days later and all members of the Lariat staff are perfectly normal, any sign of attachment has been undetected and any want to participate in another session with the Ouija board is still in question.