Tips for surviving midterms

Don't be that guy who asks classmates for a scantron the day of the test. (Photograph by Niko LaBarbera)

Don’t be that guy who asks classmates for a scantron the day of the test. (Photograph by Niko LaBarbera)

It’s October- which means it’s right around the corner from midterms. Don’t let them sneak up on you, because you will regret it. Being a college student can be tough around these times, but here are a few tips from The Lariat to help you cope.

  1. Get in the habit of getting to school on time. You can’t imagine how many people actually show up to school during midterms and swoop all the parking spots.
  2. Frequently ask questions in class. This way you can get as much learning in as possible before the midterm, which makes last minute studying a lot easier.
  3. DO THE REVIEW WORK! If your professor gives you a review assignment before the midterm-KISS HIS/HER feet! Take advantage of them basically telling you everything you need to know about the test.
  4. If you have a buddy in class, start a study session. After class try to hit the LRC with your buddy and find a comfy spot to study.
  5. If you aren’t getting a subject, this is the time to get some tutoring in at the LRC. Tutors get slammed right before midterms so make your appointment to get your confusion resolved!
  6. As it gets closer to the midterm date, remember to get a scantron or greenbook and #2 pencils. The last thing you want to do is show up unprepared.
  7. Quiz yourself! One of the best ways of learning is asking yourself questions after studying a subject.
  8. Life happens. If you find yourself having to cram for the exam the next day, do it. Stay up all night and drink 10 redbulls. No one is judging you. However, take breaks and maybe a few jumping jacks in between to keep your mind going.
  9. Eat a healthy breakfast the day of your exam. Your brain needs fuel! Stay hydrated with water and keep a snack in your bag in case you didn’t get the chance to have a full on eggs and bacon breakfast.

Last, but not least…

     10. BREATHE. As you begin your midterms, just know that all that studying and late nights will be worth it. Remember that you’ve tried your best and don’t sweat it.

Hopefully these tips will help some students at Saddleback get prepared for their midterms. Every semester, midterms happen. In college, it’s socially acceptable to look like a homeless person and chug cups of coffee throughout your day. Get through it with the right amount of studying, and you won’t contemplate your whole life after getting the results. Even better-after midterms, focus on what’s really important- THE HOLIDAYS!