A look into the life of becoming a beauty influencer

Makeup at pixabay.com

Beauty influencers use many different social media platforms to share their content such as Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. If you’re passionate about sharing makeup tips and tricks with others, then you may be interested in learning more about how to become a beauty influencer. Being a beauty influencer can become your full time job if you are that dedicated.  

Beauty influencers get to share their own experiences with products and brands across Tiktok. The brands they feature on their pages are typically current and unique. The technique to getting a video viral is to make it interactive, allowing your followers to engage with you. 

The types of posts that get the most engagement are the interactive “how-to” demonstration videos. These videos are typically the type to be how to do a makeup look, or something similar to that. 

Another key to this is to stand out and differentiate oneself. This can be by providing original content that has never been seen before. The more original, the better. Creating a trend from original content is as well another factor that will help gain attention. 

One way to get yourself out there is to seek collaboration with brands. If a brand does not contact you themselves, it is as easy as sending them a message for the opportunity to collaborate. 

Mikayla Nogueira is a prime example of a beauty influencer who has put herself out there to differentiate herself from the competition. Nogueira is an American social media star and makeup artist. Nogueira is an influencer who tries her best to show love to smaller brands as well.

“I like to support Indie brands,” Nogueira says. “I’ll just buy something just to support them”.

Picking a niche is important when it comes to content creation.  For example, Nogueira being an influencer who tries to support smaller indie brands is narrowing herself down to a very specific category. This opens her up to such a vast range of people that appreciate the recognition of smaller brands.

A makeup brand that is well known for collaborations with beauty influencers is “Tarte”. This brand is known for taking beauty influencers on exotic trips simply for the sole purpose of promoting the brand. 

When collaborating with a brand, it is important to establish oneself as worthy for that niche. Communicating your interest with a brand gives you a chance to be selected for a brand deal. Additionally, it is a wise idea to use influencer platforms that automatically connect influencers with a brand. 

When looking into contacting brands, it is good to look into listing out the brands you may be interested in working with that are in your niche. Once that is done, you should look specifically into what brands in the list match the type of brand you are looking for. 

The rest is easy. When contacting a brand, find the control head for influencer marketing for each brand and reach out to them. 

The real question here may be how to successfully become a beauty influencer. Beauty can be a broad topic which can encompass many different subcategories. Once you can familiarize yourself with what specifically you want to do with beauty, it will be a whole lot easier to make content specific to it.  

A well known beauty influencer by the name of James Charles, has been able to create his own brand.

“I think people just like being around me and watching my content because it’s relatable but still really fun and inspires people,” Charles says. 

Charles started this career all the way back when he was 16. Being a literal teenager, his fame started to grow rapidly when many watched his videos for makeup inspiration. 

“You can literally create any look imaginable, whether it be a super simple light airy makeup look or a night on the town day night makeup look,” Charles says. 

At the end of the day, inspiring others and showing them how to do makeup looks is really helpful. Everyone has a voice on social media. Whether it’s reaching out for makeup ideas or showing how to do them, everyone can benefit from beauty influencers! 

Learning about your audience as a beauty influencer is extremely important and very beneficial. Avriel Higgins is an upcoming beauty influencer in hopes of creating her own brand. Higgins is a model who was recently Miss Southern Coast USA, and ran for Miss California. 

“Social media has become such a big part of society now that I am hoping I can use it to benefit in creating my own content to be shared,” Higgins says. 

Your content is going to gain more traction when you can target it to what your audience wants. It is important to run a search on just exactly what your audience seeks. As an influencer, you can look in your content creator settings and find in the analytics what content of yours gains the most traction. 

When you can understand your audience and what your followers want, you’ll be better prepared to produce content that becomes valuable. As well as making sure to reply to the comments in the comment section, as that is very engaging for the videos you post. 

Beauty influencers that do something as simple as doing their makeup in a live are always gaining followers. This is key to maintaining a personal connection with your followers. Not only that but allowing yourself to keep building your empire. 

With these tips and tricks, you can figure out what you want to do as a beauty influencer. These tips are going to help you change things up and gain the audience you’ve been searching for.