Traveling across the pond to the Emerald Isle

Dromoland Castle (Srleffler at English Wikipedia) 

Dromoland Castle (Srleffler at English Wikipedia)

This summer, from June 30 to July 31, Saddleback students have to opportunity to visit Ireland to experience and explore Irish culture. The excursion will be lead by Saddleback College instructor Bill McGuire

The three week course will be split between three destinations, one week will be spent in the capital city of  Dublin and two weeks will be spent in western Ireland in Galway. There will also be a day trip the Aran Islands.

Tours of historical landmarks, viewings of national galleries, cultural events and performance will showcase how theatre and cinema have historical and modern influences in culture. Students will even be able to experience multiple events at the International Galway Film Festival.

Open to any students who are interested, regardless of your major. The study abroad course will focus on the arts and offers an applicable course credit of 3 units for students

The deadline to apply is April 1.