Indivisible organizes multiple protests through Orange County

Families Belong Together collaborates to demonstrate against the Trump administration’s family separation policy

Indivisible and Families Belong Together participated together to arrange a total of eight protests or marches within Orange County to address Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Homeland Security’s zero tolerance family separation policy from June 20 through June 30. Formed shortly after the 2016 election, Indivisible operates as a grassroots organization critical of President Trump and his administration.


Sessions’ zero-tolerance family separation policy instructs the Department of Homeland Security to address 100 percent of the illegal immigration occurring in the United State’s Southwest border. Previous to the zero-tolerance policy, DHS was not persecuting immigrants requesting asylum or traveling with children.

The DHS will begin arresting all unlawful entries, as well as individuals requesting asylum or traveling with children through the prosecution policy’s instructions. Furthermore, children detained will not be incarcerated with their parents or guardians but placed under the Department of Health and Human Service’s custody.

“There’s only one way to stop this and that is for people to stop smuggling children,” said Sessions in a speech in Fort Wayne, Indiana on June 14. “Stop crossing the border illegally with your children. Apply to enter lawfully. Wait your turn.”

According to Indivisible Orange County, the Department of Health and Human Services’ three ‘tender age’ shelters usage has already obtained the guardianship of hundreds of babies or toddlers.

“Several events have been planned to protest the cruel and evil zero tolerance policy by the Trump administration that’s causing thousands of migrant children to be separated from their families,” said Indivisible Orange County’s admin about the policy.

The demonstrations begin on World Refugee Day or Wednesday, June 20. The first event will be hosted by Whittier Indivisible and begin in Whittier at 5 p.m. An emergency prayer vigil for separated families hosted by Activate Labs and Arab American Civic Council will occur in Orange at 7 p.m.