Firefighters put out brush fire in Lakeview

Dirk Ingo Franke/Wikimedia Commons

Firefighters reached 100% containment of the 2-day, 226 acre Bridge Fire on Thursday morning in Lakeview near the intersection of Gilman Springs Road and Bridge Street. Firefighters initially responded to the fire Wednesday at 2:56 p.m. when it was 40 acres.

According to CAL FIRE Riverside, someone with injuries related to the fire died at the site around 3:55 p.m. No information about the deceased has been made available.

The cause of the incident is unknown. The fire came amidst a series of warm weather, some of the first of the year. Some experts have predicted a highly destructive wildfire season in 2021, as the state had triple the average number of wildfires through February, according to the Record Searchlight.

The Bridge Fire occurred at the same time as the Southern Fire in San Diego County, a 5-day wildfire that burned 5,366 acres and was also extinguished on Thursday. Ortega Highway was also briefly shut down on Wednesday evening for a smaller fire.