‘Wandavision’: what we know so far

Vision and Wanda Maximoff live life as newlyweds in the town of Westview in the television series “Wandavision.” Disney+ and Marvel Studios

Along with the endless amount of fan theories, the four recent episodes of the new Disney+ series left the audience wanting more.

Marvel Studios released their latest project, “Wandavision,” onto the Disney+ streaming service on Jan. 15, which kicked off phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the release of the series, many audience members have been expressing their theories on what is happening with Wanda Maximoff and Vision. Instead of focusing on the fan theories that exhaust even the most capable brains, an easier and less tiring way to discuss the show would be to list what we know so far. 

In the past four episodes, it is visible that different decades like the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s are shown throughout each episode. In the official trailer for “Wandavision,” specific clips are shown to look like the 1980s and 1990s, revealing the continuation of the different decades. During the episodes, it appears that Wanda and Vision are living their day-to-day lives as newlyweds in the town of Westview. They keep their superhero identities a secret from their neighbors, who don’t quite know how they got into their town in the first place. 

The style of each episode parallels traditional sitcoms of each decade. Although it’s not entirely known why, it may allude to the “House Of M” comic, where Wanda creates her own reality with Vision and their children. That concept seems to be confirmed in the recent episode titled “We Interrupt This Program.” From the start of the episode, Monica Rambeau, an agent at The Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division, gets sucked into what looks like a radioactive portal, which was shortly after FBI agent Jimmy Woo informs agent Rambeau on how the town of Westview mysteriously disappeared. 

The scene then cuts to what looks like a larger group of FBI agents, setting up a campsite to monitor suspicious activity around the missing town. While monitoring, they eventually find access to the sitcom starring Wanda and Vision through an old television. While watching, they spot agent Rambeau fully in character. 

In episode three, agent Rambeau finds herself getting kicked out of Westview by Wanda after she mentions the death of her brother, Pietro. Pietro’s mention was the first mention of Wanda’s life as an avenger since the show premiered. This scene is played out again in episode four, showing agent Rambeau getting kicked out of Westview and returning to the campsite where she first entered the portal. 

“It’s Wanda,” Rambeau said after she collapsed to the floor. “It’s all Wanda.”

Once again, this alludes to Wanda’s creation and controlling her own reality with Vision. While there is still so much to uncover with five episodes still waiting to air, audiences are eager to find out more about what looks like Wanda’s dream life in Westview.