Update on Easter egg hunt winners

Know anyone who fell for the Easter egg hunt prank on April Fools? (Image cropped from original) Jeff Peterson | Flickr

For those who were curious

For the whole month of April, there was an easter egg hunt and only the security guards found the eggs. Of course, they cheated because they had the cameras to do their work and they had to drive to the location and pick them up. It’s not fair they used the cameras but can’t really blame them. I did say all can be involved, even staff, faculty and students at Saddleback College.

So, when you see the security, please congratulate them and say, you won the real prize. I really hope, they brought the eggs to the admission office and claimed their prize. Hoping to hear more than just the security found eggs, but so far no one has come up and said anything, so very sad—maybe next year.

I just wanted to give a shoutout to all security and, hopefully, they share this same fun event with family and loved ones. Great to all and keep up the wonderful work you do.


Thank you.