Universal Messages

Personal zodiac tapestry hangs on a wall. Julia Simpson/Lariat

As Leo season comes to a close, the fiery energy leaks into the beginning of Virgo season (quite literally because of all the wildfires in California). From the fun-sun-loving season of Leo, we drastically transition into the more serious, highly motivated Virgo season. All of the zodiac signs will feel this shift in energy flow in all areas of their lives with new perspectives and new focuses. Here’s a look into how each individual will feel the transition into the lovely earthbound Virgo season.

Aries: You’ve been in your element this past month with all the fiery Leo energy. In all areas of your life – love, occupation and friendships- you have been thriving. As the blossoming, light-filled Leo season comes to a close you may feel yourself transitioning from a playful, confident state to a more creative, self-driven mindset. Virgo season will bless you as much as you allow it! Focus your creativity in areas that need more fulfillment and you will be rewarded.

Taurus: My beautiful earthbound gods and goddesses have been diving deep within themselves this Leo season. This season has encouraged you to do a deep cleaning in all aspects of your life, and in order to leave space for all the new, positive energy entering your life. You also have been diving deeper into your connections with those that understand you. As you transition from this mindset of grounding yourself to your home and friendships, Virgo season will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Be more vulnerable, take more risks and you will have a season full of progress and creativity.

Gemini: Someone’s been busy this Leo season. You’ve had a summer full of social gatherings, flirty chats with your crush and diving deep into your work. The fire energy has motivated and encouraged you to pursue all your passions. All the motivational energy you’ve felt during Leo season will leak into Virgo season as you will feel driven to focus on your top priorities. There will be times you will need to be the voice of reason within your friend group, but no time for drama as you will be focusing on your own needs.

Cancer: Passions and fantasies have been surrounding your everyday life this Leo season. Romantic getaways or simply spending more time with your lover/ close friends have been your top priority. With passions running high you’ve felt more bold and confident and with that energy it’s important to channel it where it matters: your dreams and aspirations. As Leo season comes to a close its important to focus on your responsibilities vs. your pleasures. Virgo season will be very rewarding if you focus your boss-energy on all that you need to complete…and there will be plenty on your plate.

Leo: Sun gods and goddesses, you all have been one with yourself this past month. You are the star of the show this season and you have made it a point for everyone to know it. All your wants and needs were made clear this season, and you have been basking in your glow. As you transition from your birthday month into the self-driven Virgo season, it’s important for you to recognize not everything will go your way, and that’s perfectly fine. Let the flow of life flow, and sit back and enjoy the lessons. 

Virgo: This is your time to shine! You’ve been relaxing this Leo season, taking what life gives you and running with it. You’ve felt very unmotivated to socialize or step out of your comfort zone, but as you’re transitioning into Leo season it’s becoming apparent that you have a creative mind filled with many ideas you want to put into play. Prioritize your creative ideas so the stress of certain roadblocks won’t discourage you from what’s truly important to you.

Libra: With this pandemic going on, your social butterfly self has been put on a big halt this year. However, this Leo season has you diving deeper into your interpersonal connections and within yourself. This has been a nice vacation season from all the built-up emotions this year has brought. As you transition into Virgo season, creating a peaceful environment for yourself is your number one priority. Your skills and understanding come in handy, as you are the peacemaker. 

Scorpio: Your mind is all over the place this season because so many things have been requiring your attention. It’s important that you dive deep within yourself to figure out what you truly need and once you’ve focused your energy completely on that, you will achieve what you sought out to have. As you transition from a scattered Leo season, Virgo season will attract your soul tribe. Everyone that cares about you will make it a point to help you achieve your most exciting dreams.

Sagittarius: You’ve been thriving within your own element, my kings and queens. If you allowed yourself to communicate with your loved ones this season has blessed you with all that you want and need within your love life, career, and friendships. With Leo season-ending, Virgo season has you sparking with creative intention. Your work life will be progressive as these ideas flow through your work. Keep the passion high, you fiery souls.

Capricorn: All my lovely earthbound Caps have been working hard to keep themselves grounded this season. Leo season was filled with lots of healing, setting boundaries and seeking closure so that you can move onto a brighter, positive life! As you transition out of this heavy energy-filled season, you feel a wave of freedom on the horizon. Virgo season will allow you to expand your horizons as long as you stick to your commitments to yourself.

Aquarius: All you social butterflies have been thriving this season with your bright energy making deep connections within your close friends and within your workplace. With deeper connections forming you feel a sense of everything coming together. With the transition into Virgo season, you may find yourself overcoming your fears and seeing the deep connections you’ve made prosper within your life. How you work with others will determine how successful you are within this season.

Pisces: This season has forced you to make a list of what is no longer serving you, and you’ve been making it a point to separate yourself from that negative energy. One-on-one connections are more important to you this season because it’s allowing you to channel more positive energy. As you transition into Virgo season, questions about who may have your best interest in mind will arise. Dive deep within yourself to recognize your feelings about certain people or things. This season will encourage you to be grateful for what you have and to let go of what you don’t need.