Top 10 thriller horror movies

There are 10 horror movies that are absolute must-sees before Thanksgiving and Christmas put an official end to spooky season. Of course, we all know these horror movies are make-believe but they will leave anyone hiding under a blanket, jumping up startled and even might give some nightmares.      

When it comes to the top 10 horror movies, a favorite is “Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984). After watching this film, no one will want to fall asleep in their own bed, fearing Freddy Krueger played by Robert Englund will show up in the ensuing dream waiting to slash them. Four teens who live on Elm Street are invaded by Freddy Krueger who wears a bladed leather glove to slash and kill his victims in their dreams and in reality.

A lot of the time, it’s funny how predictable horror movies can be, but “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” does not follow this trend. Two siblings and three of their friends en route to visit their grandfather’s grave in Texas end up falling victim to a family of cannibalistic psychopaths and must survive the horror of Leatherface and his family. 

“Hellraiser” is another one of those movies where each scene is absolutely predictable. This film will leave people disoriented with all the gruesome characters and the cosmetics to make them look realistic. That’s what makes this movie so disturbing and scary. 

The date Friday the 13th can bring fear to people referring to the original “Friday the 13th” film (1980). A group of camp counselors reopened a summer camp that was closed for years due to a child drowning and a double murder years before. While this is all happening, they are being stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant.        

 Thinking back to Halloween, not only is all the sugar-filled candy involved but the original “Halloween” film as well. Although the killer in this film, Michael Myers, can be somewhat plain with just a white mask and plain blue jumpsuit, it’s the way he will pop out of nowhere and end up following victims and finding them wherever they may be that makes this movie so chilling. Michael Myers, played by Tony Moran, kills his sister on Halloween night of 1963 and 15 years later escapes from a mental hospital to return to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois, to kill again.

Horror movies will cause jump scares, but the film “Scream” brings the scream out in fear. A teenage girl’s mother is murdered, and now the daughter and her friends are being terrorized by a new killer using horror films as a part of the killer’s deadly game.

No matter how many times someone watches a horror movie, the suspense and the thrill are still there, and that is exactly the effect of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Psycho” film. A secretary embezzles $40,000 from a client and attempts to run off with the money, later checking into a hotel run by a young man who is controlled by his psycho mother.

Watching horror movies can put a lot of tension and stress as the audience waits for someone to pop out of nowhere. The film “Don’t Breathe” portrays that exact feeling and much more suspense. A blind man living alone in an old house attempts to capture kids who broke in knowing he was blind and trying to rob him but the old man can sense the kids movement through the house.

Often, horror movies can be predictable at times, knowing where the killer’s victims hide or might fall while being chased. “Split” is the perfect horror movie, not knowing what to expect and is unpredictable from the man who kidnaps three girls and is caused by his 23 distinct personalities.

“It Chapter Two” is another great film that made a comeback in 2019 following the release of “IT” in 2017. Clowns can be creepy in general but what’s special and makes this movie extra creepy is how Pennywise the clown can form into anything his mind thinks and leaves it to be unpredictable and can put you on edge.