The IVC Performance Art Center premiered the sex comedy, “Noises Off.”

The director, Lloyd played by Terry Christopher questions his actor’s timing. (Anibal Santos)

Anibal Santos


“Noises Off” takes place in the 1980’s during the last hours of practice before the cast of the sex comedy “Nothing On” makes their matinee premier.


The conflict and entertaining side is that the cast is terribly mismatched and is not prepared for the play, which is hours away from premiering.  


Each character is different and brings their issues with them on stage: Dotty playing Mrs. Clackett is forgetful, Garry playing Roger stutters his lines, Brooke playing Vicki is inexperience in theater and Philip playing Frederick lacks courage and is slightly arrogant.


The other cast of characters include: ambitious director, Lloyd, elderly actor, Selsdon who may be drinking backstage and the kind but oversensitive stage assistant, Poppy.


“Hold it, hold it, hold it and God said hold it!,” Lloyd the Director said. “I’m starting to think how God felt when he was creating the world,”


Besides forgetting lines, the cast has to also deal with doors that don’t open, missing props as well as love triangles, which add chaos to the play. 


During Act One, the cast of “Nothing On,” are amusingly unprepared. Llyod’s huge ego and demanding personality don’t help the production, but add to the growing production problems.   


Throughout much of the performance, the cast of characters are seen running up and down the prop stage with doors opening and slamming shut. The activity on the stage is extremely kinetic, but well paced.


In Act Two, the audience gets to see a new perspective to the play. The stage is rotated around allowing the audience to get a different perspective to the play.


The ability to see the backstage antics of the characters as they struggle and physically fight among themselves to perform is what helps make, “Noises Off” an entertaining play.


After a shocking discovery at the end of Act Two, the actors face with the result of the play’s future as the last days of the play come to a close.


In Act Three, the actors are burnt out and tired from performing the play. The play and the backstage drama has tired the actors and it begins showing onstage for all to see creating more problems for the cast of “Nothing On.”


The ability to see the backstage antics of the characters as they struggle and physically fight among themselves to perform is what help make, “Noises Off” an entertaining play to experience.


“I loved the play, I thought that pacing was great and the performance was hilarious,” said Amanda Picard, 19, theater arts.


“Noises Off” will be showing April 10 to the 13 at 8 p.m. in IVC’s Performing Arts Center. Matinee shows will be on April 7 & 14 at 2 p.m.


General Admission: $12

Seniors and Military: $10


For the IVC Arts:

Frederick played by Hayden Lane struggles with his character and his cast members. (Anibal Santos)

“Vicki” played by Lindsey Brehm, let’s her cast know she dropped her contact lenses while in rehearsal. (Anibal Santos)