Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ shows self reflection and personal growth

Taylor Swift, Midnights Republic Records | courtesy

Illustrating her life’s diary through words is how Swift thrives, vibrantantly and colorfully creating whimsical enchanting songs is one of the many myriads of ways Swift articulates her life’s narrative especially on her newly released musical recording “Midnights.”

Generously gifting her artistic creations with the world is how she is able to touch and inspire myriads of souls. “Midnights” is an album where Swift reflects on various life changing milestones, unveiling vulnerability and intimacy as a part of storytelling. Writing from a spiritual place is where she is able to creatively encapsulate where she is emotionally in life.

In one of Swift’s songs, “Anti-Hero,” she dives into her innermost insecurities and self-doubts, specifically in the music video where she appears to be standing on a scale while her alter ego shakes their head disapprovingly. This scene symbolizes Swift’s insecurities about her weight and appearance and how she perceives herself compared to the public’s perception.

Uniqueness is an innate ability Swift inherits when it comes to songwriting. Being able to narrate stories from different perspectives, whether it be from hers or from others is something that is reflected in “Midnights.” Parenthood is a profoundly personal exploration Swift writes about on her song “Bigger Than The Whole Sky,” giving listeners a profound understanding and the window into the life of a loved one’s’ miscarriage. Candidly writing about the emotional circumstances that were experienced from another individual’s perspective, delving into soft, tender moments.

Unconditional love is another intimate moment that Swift paints lyrically, especially in the song “Paris.” Writing from the perspective of the early beginnings of a relationship, she describes the magical spark that occurs between lovers that travel, especially in a place like Paris sweetness is also throughout “Paris,” giving listeners a well detailed picture into the artist’s life.

“Sweet Nothing” narrates a story of the perception of couples who spend a significant amount of time together and being able to cherish those integral moments. She also explores the idea of being in a relationship that feels sacred, secure and placid.

An extraordinary storyteller who is able to touch hearts and souls globally is the real gift Swift bestows to individuals. Being able to poetically describe her emotions openly, from a raw, organic state of being, is how listeners gain a deeper pivotal understanding of what life is like from her perspective.

Artistic growth is reflected throughout “Midnights” having the audacity to humanize every pillar of life and being able to show listeners the vulnerabilities lyrically is one of the many myriads of ways she has evolved. Swift uses songwriting as a place of healing personal reflection and growth which is the enchanting characteristic that Swift naturally inherits.Songwriting is a place where Swift can show a soft candid side of herself, creating intimate moments and painting her life’s story through words. Musically inspiring so many souls all around the world, is the real magic of a songwriter.