Say yes to ‘Nope’

Seven Yeun plays Ricky “June” Park in “Nope,” which released on July 22. Universal Pictures | courtesy

This summer, Jordan Peele released the third horror movie of his directing career, three years since his last film, “Us.” Peele’s transition from comedy to horror seemed random, but he continues to demonstrate respect for the craft of both. “Nope” reflects genuine fear without turning to excessive gore, a trend displayed in recent years with horror franchises such as “Saw” and “Hostel.” Peele explores a part of the psyche that is more complex than blood and unnecessary carnage for shock value. 

With Daniel Kaluuya returning to appear as the quiet character OJ, his second Peele film delivers another excellent performance alongside Keke Palmer, who plays his extrovert sister Emerald. Besides the incredible casting in “Nope,” we see Peele exploring more of his directing style. 

“Nope” delivers more of an Alfred Hitchcock-style approach than any other of Peele’s films.

Hitchcock is famous for many reasons, with his filming techniques valued throughout the movie industry and his suspense technique which allows the audience to see what the character is unaware of. 

The film is not only full of refreshing thrills, but additionally, it’s full of Peele’s iconic symbolism. 

Peele exhibits multiple examples, including the reveal of the antagonist of the film.  Without revealing too much, Peele leaves much for interpretation throughout the film regarding the antagonist’s motives, but it’s refreshing approach and intrigues the audience.

If “Nope” is any taste of what Peele has to offer, we have more than enough to look forward to in the Peele film universe which is soon to expand.

Recently, fans discovered an “unknown character” cast on the IMDb page. Peele addressed the revelations in an interview. “I’m glad people are paying attention; I do think they will get more answers on some of these things in the future.” Peele told The New York Times.

We will have to wait and see with Peele always leaving his fans guessing with no future movies officially confirmed. In the meantime, fans can tune into Peele’s new Netflix stop-motion show, Wendell & Will, premiering on Netflix on Oct. 22.