Roah Summit rocks Orange County

Roah Summit’s album release event for “Deep Bloom” took place last Friday, Sept. 19, in Costa Mesa, California. The band performed its first show, simultaneously releasing their first album.

Hundreds of fans, friends, and family members came to see the performance. Roah Summit consists of seven band members, with Jake Berry on vocals, Max Epstein on bass, Tyler Spry on laps steel, Jay Odebunmi on drums, Kevin Clarke on synth, and Drew Chaffee on guitar.

The band consists of mutual friends and has a large support group of profesionals when it comes to production. The members have been working extremely hard for the past six months and have put all their energy into this one night.

The night began around 8 p.m. with a few other performances leading up to Roah Summit. The audience had grown fairly large by the time the band took stage. As soon as Roah Summit opened up with their first song, the audience was moving along with the music and did so right up to the last song.

The entire performance and production were quite amazing. The actual stage lighting and sounds were incredible. Their support group was evident, as professional photographers took shots of the band. The audience was fully engaged in the moment.

” [I] looked up and saw a crowd full of people staring completely engaged with the music and every rhythm,” Spry said.

Epstein said the experience was unexplainable.

“Our vision was there and achieved,” Epstein said. “It’s something you can’t even explain.”

The night was definitely a successful event, and a great example of the good times Orange County communities have to offer.
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