Tesla iOS app and what it does

photo by Kavelle Tomaiko

 Tesla is one of the first companies to design their own app that can control the car right from one’s phone. This new technology is leading to many curious minds wondering what it has to offer. 

Tesla’s iOS app has many different software updates every few weeks for the car that shows up on the Tesla app. However that’s not all that happens. It also rolls out major updates for the iOS smartphone app with many different new controls. 

The app contains many visuals and controls with lots of different settings. As far as the controls go, you can easily send commands to your car right away as long as the app is open. This is great because this means the car will be able to respond right away without having to turn on the vehicle.

One feature that is convenient is how the enhanced phone key support is directly linked from the phone to the car. This means that as long as the app is running on the phone, the car will unlock if nearby. 

This also works the same way as when the driver leaves the car and walks away. The car and the phone app will detect that the driver is walking away from the vehicle, and the car will lock. This is for safety reasons so that the car locks in case the driver forgot to lock it. 

An updated visual on the app is the new 3D vehicle. There are many new animations that come with this 3D render, such as when the car is being charged or climate conditions in the controls. 

When the car is being charged there will be a charging cord connected to the car with a green light blasting through it showing that the car is charging. If the car is not being charged but it is connected to the charger, it’ll show that it is connected without any green lights flashing through.

When going into the controls center for climate, one will be able to turn on things such as seat heaters, steering wheel heater, changing temperature and more.  There are animations showing that air is coming out of the vents and even more. This allows the driver to know that the controls are on and working. 

New features include how you can also view supercharging history from within the app. One can look at speed limits, valet mode, and even the security cameras which are under sentry mode. The sentry mode was moved to its own specific area under the security tab.

If you thought that was all, wait till you hear what’s next! The car has its own tracker on it thanks to the iOS device connecting to it, The driver can see where their car is at all times. This is under the location button that shows the exact destination of the vehicle. 

The driver can also schedule what time they want their car to charge. Under the schedule tab, there are two sections. There is the departure section and the charge section. When being under the charge section, one can press on the button called enable scheduled charging. 

On the flip side, if the driver presses on the departure there are more options. There is an area that shows when the driver wants to stop the charging which is typically chosen already in the system to fit the needs of the driver. 

The driver can also press on precondition, which will set the climate and preheat the battery. Or they can press on the off-peak charge, which will reduce the energy costs. 

There are also a few more tabs such as roadside assistance which can be pressed on if in need during an emergency. Or the driver may press on the tab called service, where the driver can schedule service for the car. 

One of the last tabs to be spoken about is the upgrades tab. This includes shopping on the Tesla app for any accessories that can be added to the car. Not only that but the driver can also subscribe to things such as the self-driving capability. 

With all the new technology in our lives, it’s important to keep up with what’s new. Now you have a little insight on how the Tesla app works.