Spoiler free review of Marvel and Disney Plus’ new ‘Moon Knight’ show

Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant and Marc Spector in new Disney+ show “Moon Knight” | Disney+

Adding another Steve to the MCU.

After watching the first and second episodes of Marvel and Disney Plus’ new show “Moon Knight,” I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next. With Oscar Isaac as the lead, with counterpart Ethan Hawke, the show was already off to a good start in my book, but I was pleasantly surprised since I went in knowing almost nothing about this character. 

When I told my dad about the release of the show he said, “Oh! I have a bunch of those comics.” As his daughter who spent a whole summer with my mother and brother organizing all of his comic books in alphabetical order, it’s hard to say that I remember seeing proof of this statement, but his excitement led me to believe that this would be an interesting show. And led astray I was not.

Right away, we are introduced to our distressed and quirky main character Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, who seems to have some sort of sleeping problem paired with what the description states as DID. On top of this unspecified and concerning sleeping disorder, we see he’s very forgetful and awkward.

When Steven finds himself in a situation he has no idea how he has gotten himself into, the audience and him are equally confused, and stay that way for the duration of the thrilling first episode. Steven meets Hawke’s character, Arthur, in the middle of the episode and his first impression of the guy is anything but pleasant. 

Overall, the episode left many questions unanswered, but was nothing less than satisfying. The second episode followed suit on the entertaining level and still left a lot for the imagination. 

Similar to my favorite show, “Lost,” it’s looking like this show won’t be one to spell things out for the audience, which I honestly think makes a show that much better. Marvel certainly isn’t the easiest to keep up with, considering just how much content there is to consume and keep up with, but with their shows they do have the tendency to over explain and simplify some pretty complex plot points.

Although I do appreciate these explanations in the long run, especially with my mom who can’t find a single episode of anything without asking 3000 questions, I personally feel more hooked when there are questions left blatantly unanswered. So far, “Moon Knight” is doing exactly that. 

Since I am a movie and TV show buff, I will use other shows and movies as a summary for the vibe I am getting from this show so far. “Daredevil” meets “Night of the Museum” meets “Split” meets “Indiana Jones.” And if you think those clash, stop thinking that, because somehow they work amazingly well together.